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Setting up a [Strike Force] Server

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    Setting up a [Strike Force] Server

    Hi there everyone!

    After years my friends an me just wanna play an oldschool round of Strike Force. We loved this UT- Modification and I guess some of you know this mod.

    But I got problems setting up a server to play online / Hamachi.
    I set up a UT99 server, others can find my server via Internet (Master Server can be reached, etc.).
    I changed the same setting in "StrikeForce.ini" but this game will still try to query gamespy server. I don't know where else to look to change this.

    We even tried connecting via Hamachi, but the others can't reach my server.

    Anyone have an idea how to fix this? We really wanna play this mod again.

    Maybe Strike Force has the gamespy master server hardcoded somewhere in its code, or maybe you're changing the wrong setting... could you post the StrikeForce.ini somewhere? (ideally in pastebin to not fill this entire page)

    Now, when you say others cannot reach your server, do you mean they can see it but cannot connect to it, or they can't even see it?
    If it's the former, then the gamespy query probably isn't a problem, instead you might need to forward the ports you're using to host the server in your router (by default it's 7777 iirc).

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      Hy there! I'll post the settings in StrikeForce.ini when I got home.

      We have the problem, that Strike Force itself won't show any Internet Servers (because of that GameSpy Master Server that's not reachable). Open Location and paste my IP-Adress doesn't work either.
      When I set up Hamachi, my server won't appear under LAN Games.

      I already forwarded the ports for TCP/UDP in my router for the game.


        Soo, here we have the StrikeForce.ini:

        And this is what I get, when I try to connect over "Open Location" and my IP adress:

        When I connect over LAN (local IP address) I can join the game. After that I reconnect and connect over "Open Location" (with my internet IP address), it works.

        Then I restart the game and try direct to connect with "Open Location" and add the internet IP address, I get the error.
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          The ini seems ok.
          From what I can see in the log, I see that you're trying to enter the game as "-=[SFHG]=- GeFFi", right?
          So for testing purposes, try to enter as just "GeFFi" for example, and if that works try as "-=[SFHG]=-GeFFi" (without the space).

          From I can tell from the log, the login query string breaks exactly in this space, and thus the server doesn't receive the "team=1" from the query string, and it seems that Strike Force isn't prepared for a player join with a neutral team (255), thus crashing the player connection to the server.

          It's been a long time since I looked into this sort of stuff, but there is plenty of stuff in UT where spaces break things apart, and from the log that's what's happening relative your player's name.

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            Hi there!

            I solved the problem:
            One was the name, like you told me and two was, I had to forward ports 7778 and 7779, too.

            Now others can find my server via "Open Location" - THANK YOU =)


              Old thread... I will reply anyway.

              Replace master servers in game server's ini to:

              ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900
              ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900

              Download and execute powershell script (UT99_StrikeForce_1.84_client_FIX_patch2.cmd) in client side. It fixes server queries in client side (GameSpy query was originally used by SF. It's not hardcoded, my script only modifies StrikeForce.ini). Package contains OpenAL drivers too, it restores 3D locational sound support and Enhanced D3D9 renderer for Unreal Tournament too for better picture quality and performance and fixes issues with that original UT renderer has when framerate in modern computer gets too high.


              Full game is downloadable there too
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