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Unreal Ed 3.0 selection issue with Windows 10

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    Originally posted by GLoups_AA View Post
    It's possible to install drivers for CPU intel integrated graphics and force an application to use it via the Control Panel or directly in W10 (Amd and Nvidia), like the Intel HD Graphics 630 which would be amply sufficient for ut2004, to make a test and see if the issue is Nvdia or amd related.

    Hi, I didnt expect my i5 3450 supporting IGP, I turned it on in bios, installed the driver, the portviews are fine, but cpu still cant handle 18 static meshes, (selection delay was gone, as expected from disabling dGPU).
    Ive set memory size from 128 (default) to 1024, still nothing, its like it isnt even there

    You cannot force an application to use it on desktops. Nvidia Optimus does that, but it isnt supported on desktops, only laptops.
    There are ways to enable it, i got blackscreen and a bsod yesterday trying to enable it on win10 desktop, so this didnt work well.
    I basically still have to disable entire dGPU to use CPU Graphics, in the nvidia control center the option to choose which G-Processor to use isnt there. (Also rightclick on the .exe has no option to run on a specific GPU)
    Ive researched and it is only laptops with Nvidia Optimus which gets that option in the control center.

    So yeah thats that, my biggest question is why is it having no input delay when its on CPU, and suddenly gets one on dGPU.
    I wish the Integrated Graphics would change anything performance wise, in the SDK it doesnt feel like any performance was gained when its run on the CPU while IGP drivers are installed.


    The trick isnt installing integrated graphics for the cpu only.
    It was to connect same screen twice. Once in mainboard, and once in GPU.
    Now: Win+P and choose "Only Another Screen" (Last option); the monitor swaps to the Mainboard connection (Automatically using integrated graphics).
    I was not aware that the cpu graphics wont work if the screen isnt plugged in mainboard (but came to me eventually with some thinking).
    This works as a solution for me specifically since i was only looking for a way to keep mapping on same pc, without lag because of cpu.
    All it takes is 2 actions: Win+P, choose last option, when done mapping, Win+P, first option.
    Windows thinks this way that the mainboard connection is the second screen btw.
    I got some answers from TWI aswell, they wont support and help with anything regarding this old SDK, they need to adress it and recompile, i can understand that its gonna be very complicated due to time and adapting to newest drivers. (Since it sounds to one of the TWI guys that its indeed windows/gpu driver related, but nothing for sure).

    With that said, Ill keep checking in here if someone trying to find a better solution than the above.
    For tech savy's: (Get Process Monitor(ProcMon)) and if youre patient, youll figure out that its very likely Direct3D. What to do with this information? I have no idea
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