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kleinwelka1982 x2 ( Problems with Stats )

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  • kleinwelka1982 x2 ( Problems with Stats )


    i Play the Last weeks UT2004 my ID Name is kleinwelka1982.

    yesterday i deinstall game and install new, i set username again to kleinwelka1982.

    Now i got a big Problem, in the ut2004 i got now 2 Ids both with the same Name.

    one with 91 Matches Played, and one with 1 Match.

    Couldnt trust my eyes when i see this.

    Why the UT2004 stats not secure ?

    What is when i play 1 year many hours, same prozess again and my stats will generated new again ?

    Who can help me

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    if you look closer to the epicStats-page somewhere is written that the display name is NOT your actually stats ID. In other words the name which is shown in the stats is the last name you used in an online-match. The number is your stats-ID with that you can always find it. If you want your original stats you will need the same statsusername + statspassword. If you had an backup you will find it in your user.ini and could move it to your new .ini:

    Open your original UT2004/system/user.ini go to [Engine.PlayerController] StatsUsername and StatsPassword for your Epic Game ID
    CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;


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      ty, now iam tired, i come back tomorrow.

      i think i deinstall game, now i set my Name new, kleinwelka0707.

      I Play now a hour on stats servers, bud nothing shows me more the last hour.

      yesterday i make new kleinwelka0707 it shows me 3 matches from yesterday, bud not the matches from today.

      tooks to long with downloads, there are people showing with ping and this are only bots.
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        Sometimes the EpicStats are broken or don't show.. also when there are 32 real players.. but the minimum are 2 real players I think. They will than show in the stats from the server, but the files are empty.
        It depence what you want to play and where are you from.. so the times when it is full is an other:
        ONS: CEONSS in europe (I play there.. also some from USA and Canada, india, russ, usw .. we also had some from Japan.. many nice maps and a teamspeak server... also all maps (but maybe some new edits or betas) are in a map pack on the forum.. so you can skip the downloadtime. We also make a "MatchEvent" in ons from time to time.. everybody can join.. you just have to write in the related forum topic.
        Omni, DW in USA near Canada
        ICTF: RezQ, Mia (europe)
        Freon: HoC, SOL, Combowhore in USA
        Tam: Like-A (europe) and some in russia
        Balistic: LDG (europe)
        AS: LDG, Omni.. we had a PuG in AS on omni.. that was nice.. it's defently worth to join that the next time.
        There are also a few listet:
        CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;


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          now it shows me the same two kleinwelka0707 the once from yesterday, other other with 1.200.666 bla bla bla hours.

          the last **** game ut, ut biggest **** game of all time.

          i only make singelplayer from 1999-2005.

          just delety my account here,

          iam out of eturn.

          and the new ut also biggest ****, of all time, because 0 moutivation i deinstall after 10 min.