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Running multiple dedicated Servers on one computer?

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  • Running multiple dedicated Servers on one computer?

    Hello all. im searching since a week the Web and this Forums, but couldnt find anything, which would help me for this Question.

    We are planning actual a LARP Game in Shadowrun World, and decided to use UT 2004 for the Deckers.

    Now im actually trying to setup different dedicated Servers, (up to 15) which shall run on the Same Machine.

    In my opinion i should launch multiple instances as dedicated Server.

    But if i do so, in the LAN multiplayer menu of the Clients, there is only one server, the only thing which changes is the MAp name when hitting refresh.

    But i would like to have more than one server shown up in the List.

    Could someone help me out with this?

    Thanks in Advance.



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    Hi Nin,
    you have to change the Port if you want to set up more than one server on one PC. And if it's running and you don't see it, try to open it directly in the console (ö,~) (type "open IP:Port" without quotes). When you joined a server you can make it to your favorites in the ingame options.
    Don't know how good your german is, but here is a list how to:

    Can you explain what that LARP Game is and what a Deckers? Maybe with a video. =D
    15 servers are.. a few.. you will heat up your cpu a bit.
    CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;


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      A LARP is a Life Action Role Playing Game.
      Means, we put on Costumes, take Modded Nerf Guns, and are playing Shadowrun :-)

      A Dekker is in the Shadowrun World a "Hacker", used to hack into all Type of Files for Money.

      Usually he has to connect to a Port close to the target and needs Assisttance to be safe during his work from Teammates.


      Well, German is my Native Language :-)

      The reason i need 15 servers is, that the Decker has to be able to choose which Map he will play.
      If there is another possibility (Maybe Map Voting?) it would be fine too.

      There will be alwys only one Dekker active during Playing, but he has to play different Maps with different Names and Different Numbers of Enemys and Difficulty.

      Its only to simulate the Decker activity :-)

      Will check your Link out.




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        Hi Miauz.

        I will try it with ports.

        But could you tell me what the console is? Im sorry, im new to UT :-)
        Actually i start the dedicated directly from the Game Menu.

        A LARP is a Live Action Role Playing Game.
        Means, we are turning on Costumes, taking Nerf Guns, and then Play Shadowrun :-)

        Dekkers are the "Hackers" in Shadowrun. We want tu use the UT to simulate a Hacking Run in the "Matrix".
        Means, one Decker has to connect his DeckingBoard (Laptop) into a Connection in the Security Controled Building and hackus Passwords, with which we are able to open dors, deactivate Cameras and so on :-)

        So maximum 1 Dekker and 1 Security Counter Decker will be online at the same Time.

        We need this 15 Servers to be able to choose which System / Which Password the Decker has to achieve.

        So i dont think it will be a massive CPU problem, 14 of the 15 servers will be Idle.

        The next Question, if i manage to poen and run different servers will be, how will i be able to Give the Decker Player the Password after he wins.

        I want to do this during the Engine, maybe manipulating the "You have Won" Message, but i actually do not know how.
        Will open a new toppic for this once i have figured out the multiple Server thing :-)

        One more Question, why does it took that long for a Post to be in the Forum? is it checked by an Admin first?


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          I was knowing what LARP is, but I wasn't knowing that you combine it with a PC-game. Sounds like fun. =)
          It's never to late to be new to UT. It's a very good game with a decend Engine. It's running on every PC and OS it evan comes with a Linux instaler. If you have probs with WIN10, you will probably find a solution here (the last posts).
          UT2k4 has also many.. many mods.. also a few very cool and decend single-player-mods like a skyrim like thing where you can "spell charm" with the mouse (SoulKeeper), if you like steampunk than (damnation) is worth a look. And so many fun things for LAN-partys like ChaosUT2, Checkmate, Deathball, CarBall,...

          When you first wrote 15 servers I was thinking of: 15 Servers, everyone with 32 player on a big ONS, or AS map with many vehicles and exploding things.. well that will kill every CPU. =D Just 1 plaer and a few Bots should be no problem.
          Have you decided which gametype you want to play? To the Bots.. they are stupid on the lower levels (on the higher too) but in DM they are extreamly good at the higher levels, and when you are not so good in FPS it can be frustrating. (The Bots on Masterfull are better in DM than 60% of the players I played with btw.)

          The consol is basically just a text field where you can enter commands, and where the frag-log is shown. You can open it on a german keyboard ingame with "ö" (I think.. I have it there). Commands are for example "say {text}", "teamsay {text}", "suicide", "open {IP:Port}", "addbots {Number}".. usw. In single player you can also put debug commands for map testing in it. In multiplayer you can use it to log in as an admin and punish the bad appels.

          I think you will find everything you need to know in that link. Just make a new .ini for every server you start. That should work.. I think.

          You can enable map-voting and vote between different maps and gametypes. You can also change the bot dificulty and number via webadmin or ingame when you are an admin "adminlogin {pasword}" but changing them automaticly.. don't know maybe with a mutator.

          End game message.. don't know if or how to do that.. the normal text is clientsite in the ut2004/system folder with the specific language ending (.int english, .det deutsch, ..) but the eng game thing.. maybe with a mutator, too. If you are lucky something like that exists. Basicly you can code everything for UT2k4.
          Or you create a map for that.. like a trial map with Monsters in different lokations, or ridels which you need to solve to open a door in the map to come to the next level.
          I recently made a litle ONS-map with a secret room and a ridle which opens a teleporter to a trial. ONS-M5s-RottenTanks.
          You should post that question in a few other forums, as well. And than link to the crosposts, so if anybody finds one he finds all. (ONS EU+Rus+Canada) (ONS USA) (ICTF EU) (nearly death but skilled admin) (BalisticWeapons + AS Race, frensh).

          Important is that everyone of your players has all the files you need like custom maps and so on.. downloading them without a redirect-server will need.. well a few hours for a few MB. =D

          The posts are checked here when you are new to keep spam away (Thanks for doing that Lynx.).

          CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;


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            Hi Miauz
            I tried it with changing port from 7777 to another Port (8888) but this did not work.
            When i run the .ini, i got lots of Missing messages, and then it exits and restarts the server.
            Had no chance to connect to this server.

            If i put the Port back to 7777 it works again.
            Im really frustradet, because everywhere im searching for INI there is mentioned, that more than one server are able to run on one PC.
            And most tell me to change the Port, but noone says which ports would work :-(

            I think i had to explain our Setup:
            Its a real LAN Setupp, with NO Router, all PCs do have a Static IP, and are only coneccted via a switch.




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              Did you open the ports in your firewall?
              Maybe the log files (ut2004.log and server.log) will bring some light in the dark. They are in the systems folder.
              I try to get someone here who knows more than me about running multi-servers.. maybe I have forgotten something.
              CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;


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                Haaa, i got it.

                This helped me with Setting up multiple Servers.


                The restart at Swap Port was the reason it did not work.

                Now i need to figure out my Message Problem :-)

                But this will be in a new Post :-)

                Greetings Nin


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                  Lol. Good one. =)
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