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    LED Lightning Energy Distributor

    Maybe a new topic is better than a post in an other topic:

    I would love to have an airship for UT2k4, and I know there are a few others who would love that, too. The good thing is there is a very cool Airship out there.. the extreamly sad part of it is that it has no netsupport. I'm speaking about the LED the lightning energy distributor. Finding the last beta (or full release) was very hard, because it's not openly indext and the original author (Xyx) seemed vanished since 2013. It's working fine ofline, but when you put it on a dedicatet server (also a lan-server) all animations and physiks are just messed/ not working and will make the map unplayable.
    Here is the link to the (full) release without any net support (
    If anybode of you has the skill to make that one running at an ONS dedicated server, it would be awesome. There are a few maps where it would fit perfect insite.
    Here is a video from it: (min 0:00 till 1:25)

    (Crossposting on ceonss and omnipotents forum)
    Old Alpha and Beta Topic.
    CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;