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Best place to upload UT2004 mods for use by other players?

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  • Best place to upload UT2004 mods for use by other players?

    Hello all,
    Do any of you have recommendations of where to upload UT2004 mods so that others can download them? I have a few of my older UT2004 mods that I would like to upload somewhere so that players can give them a try (largest compressed mod file is maybe ~70 Mb).

    I intend to upload my Tango-Down Warfare vehicle pack (I have added a few more added vehicles to the original realistic vehicle pack (HMMWV, IFAV Jeep, Motorcycle, Abrams Tank, MH53/Blackhawk/"Death Egg" helicopters, ATV, rubber raft), including my own version of some of the Halo: Reach and Halo 3 vehicles (Falcon, Warthog, Behemoth)), as well as my Yet-Another-Reallife-Mod (YARM) mod "total conversion" mutator (with custom realistic weapons, and player models w/capabilities like prone/lean/some limited parkour), along with a few older random mutators I worked on (Flashlights, Jetpack etc.) and maybe a couple of maps (like the Shard map I posted here).

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    Maybe contact Skillz over at UT-Files. He's always willing to add content to his collection.
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      Spreading them around is wise as many sources have abandoned us.
      www.UT-Files is always my first port of call, so it gets a second vote from me.

      Maps only

      In this era of freebie web drives it is worth creating another email account with a suitable user name, and also linking to it from your own blog.
      Google drive is useful for this as once you share read/write privilege to the account you normally use, it just appears as another 15GB folder.
      Think of them as 15GB partitions and stack as many as you want. The account names will be the partition names.

      BTW. I have to say a huge thanks for this mod. It adds just what is needed in the large real world maps I have, but mostly thanks to the way you made the Chinook, it has provided me with one of my most memorable UT moments.
      I was using ChaosUT and Ballistic Weapons in an experimental open world map I was tinkering with.

      I ran up a hill to board the Chinook but was beaten to it by an enemy bot.
      As it took off I used the Chaos grapple and luckily got the tail (underneath is no good). I reeled myself up and boarded the back of the chopper, then ran to the front where I could see the pilot.
      I could not seem to shoot him so I dropped an incendiary grenade behind him, and then exited via the side door.
      Turning so I fell backwards I looked up to see the flames engulf the cockpit before falling from the sky.
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        Thank you for the suggestions Carbon and Dr. Flay! I will give those a try when I have the next versions ready to go. I can only hope the new UT is as easy to mod for as UT2k4 was.

        ...and Dr. Flay, I'm glad to see the Chinook was getting some use :-) thank you for relaying that story, its good to hear that you've been able to enjoy it; I've had a couple of similar game scenarios play out in VCTF bot matches (so much fun!). I may have to go back, UV map it now, and at least give it a basic texture. I've got a CH-53 Helicopter completed (though I think I labelled it as an MH53) that has an "enterable" cargo compartment, along with closed off passenger seating. It can also pick up other ground vehicles and drop them off later (even got a basic Karma-physics KBS joint connection working now) so it can be fun to use.

        The Halo Falcon recreation is also pretty fun to use as I've got the pilot equipped with a nose cannon, two armed passenger seats w/ MGs, and then three other passenger-only seats (vehicle holds up to six total players). It makes for great VCTF assaults on the enemy base (swoop in, unload all the bots to grab the flag, while I circle above providing air cover and avoiding missiles, then swoop back down to pick them up and return to base). I've got a configuration setting that can be turned on/off to allow my flying vehicles to carry the flag or not (though a player could still "manta-ride" the helicopters to carry the flag aboard, or use my YARM ninja rope item to hang below holding the flag, while shooting with their own weapon too...)

        [EDIT] I guess I thought ModDB had gone down, but it is still up. I added a few links to the first post of the files I'd uploaded a few years ago.
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          My only complaint with the Chinook is that I can still hear after being next to it.
          The real thing is very very loud, so I guess it is better to be kind to players ears. Hehehe .

          If you want some big maps to mess around in, I can recommend converting some of the UnWheel maps. There is a good mix and some make a suitable epic Battlefield-Tournament arena.(I usually add zombies)

          Modding for UT4 at the moment is best described as coding on quicksand, as each new release brings a chance that something you built on top of has sunk without a trace.
          I would not wish it on any modder until it is in Beta, but bless their wretched souls, the Chaos UT4 devs are hacking into the task.
          This has involved making lots of physics code that the game does not yet have such as vehicles and cables.
          If you want to get your hands dirty and feel that you can help with vehicle development, or want to test what Chaotic Dreams has so far, you can join up and take the Hoverboard for a spin.

          Mind you, if you are still modding for 2004, could I persuade you to make something Chaotic with the existing ammo and effects ?
          Imagine dropping a bomb full of vengeance spirits. Oh the panic that would spread amongst your foe ! *cue evil laugh*
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            Yeah, I tried to make both the Chinook (actually a CH46 Sea Knight now that I took a look at the model again), the MH53 and the Blackhawk copters much louder, but never could get the volume to go up any more via any combination of default volume settings or function calls to PlaySound (simply increasing the volume of the .wav sound file before import just ended up railing it out/distorting it). I'm pretty sure I've flown in both a Chinook and a Sea Knight 'copter (along with a C-130 too) but its been many years, I didn't have a digital camera with me at the time or a spare hand to hold it with to take a picture, and yeah I too remember them being very loud and wishing that I'd had earmuffs in addition to the earplugs. There were fun to fly in once, but I was glad to stick to ground transport the rest of the time (HMMWVs and 5-ton trucks, and a boat at one point in 2003).

            That's too bad about the UT4 modding. I got tired of downloading the whole 8+ GB every couple of months or so and just figured I'd wait until it was more stable, and *hopefully* vehicle functionality was added in to the codebase. I am pretty impressed that the Chaos team is still going at it; I hope UT4 gets to a point where the fruits of their labor can be fully appreciated.

            I don't mind adding a "unique" feature or two... vengeance spirits you say.... that might be doable.


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              My comment about the volume of the Chinook is lounge-in-cheek, as it is a kindness to the gamer not to be too realistic.
              Imagine a game with Chinooks, A-10s, and Harrier jets, and imagine a deaf gamer.
              Maybe throw in an old Electric Lightning for some extra neighbour-annoyance.

              The way the Chaos devs are dealing with the shifting UT4 platform, is to stick on a stable version for a while, then arrange a coordinated update when it seems sensible.

              BTW. I found a vid I did of the massive race map I changed to VDM.
              A mix of ChaosUT, and Ballistics mods, with zombies, and all manner of drivable, flyable rides (many more than I ride in the vid, inc F1 racing cars and monster trucks)
              Who wants a UT99 FOOD FIGHT ?


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                I often suggest moddb because the site has a lot of exposition, otherwise, but that's also an option, there is nexus mods, they took a lot of gamefront stuff, but this is too bad that not everything such as people's content were saved in there ...