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    First off hope I'm not breaking a rule without knowing it, if so sorry about that.

    Hey guys I'm just now coming back to UT from being stuck messing around with Skyrim for several years and almost every download site I've ever known is now gone it seems.

    My purpose of this topic is not to ask where to find anything but to help restore what I can with what I've got saved on my external drives and such, I'm working on uploading everything I have Unreal related to my Google Drive which I've got at least 60GB worth I think so it's not exactly a small collection and hopefully I've got some of what's gone missing.

    Everything as far as I'm aware is in their original zips, exes, umods with readme if they had one. The only exception to this I know for fact is ADSU (Alternate Duplicate Switch Utility that was on SkinCity) which for the life of me I can't find a zip version on my backups or the net. All I have on ADSU is extracted/already installed files so I'm not sure about uploading it.

    If there is anything in there the original authors want removed I will do so, all you need do is ask.

    I'm still working on uploading what I have at this time so no links yet (unless that isn't allowed at all in which case I can settle for putting it in my youtube vid descriptions).

    I'm also willing to upload anything I didn't have to the google drive if anyone wants me to hang on to something which I'll also store on at least 2 external drives so I'm unlikely to lose anything.

    EDIT- Still working on uploading so not much available yet but let's give this a shot and see if it's going to be possible

    Could someone try to download something to check see if it works please?

    EDIT2-Ok moved those you mentioned around.
    Also I forgot (assuming my earlier reply post ever shows up) I wanted to mention if anyone knew you can use UT99 skins in UT2004 complete with 4 Team colors even very easily? I made 2 youtube vids (UT99 / UT1 Mod Skins in UT2004) to prove it so that explains my large UT99 skins collection .
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    Not much there yet, but I grabbed a couple of UT99 maps using AirExplorer (very handy way to manage remote drives)

    This file is a standalone mod, not a skin pack
    /Unreal Files/UT1/CHARACTERS/Pack/1194-NeoCairoBeta52_Setup.exe

    This file is a Mutator by Wormbo
    /Unreal Files/UT1/
    Who wants a UT99 FOOD FIGHT ?


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      Yeah I remember NeoCairo, isn't it a total conversion actually? So I should put it in a TC folder or Mod folder then? (My UT99 doesn't work anymore last I tried although I did manage to get U1 working finally so maybe I'll get it eventually)
      Thanks for identifying those for me I'll see if I can't move them around after the current UT3 group finishes uploading.


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        Awesome project!
        CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;


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          Yes a stand-alone folder would be good, so they don't get confused with regular "Game Types".
          Suggestion: You could mimic the folder structure of

          I posted a guide here with everything needed to update and customise the old UT for a modern experience

          Who wants a UT99 FOOD FIGHT ?


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            Thanks for the guide link there, no luck getting the S3TC files though, was trying for the UTRP but doesn't seem to be a link as the link button isn't clickable.

            Ok how are things looking so far, let me know if you want anything moved around, sadly I'm out of UT99 files, used to have more but re-writable discs just were not very reliable with their constant Cyclic Redundancy Check errors, lost most of UT99 and pretty much all of UT2003 that didn't work in UT2004 to that problem ,still plenty of 2004 to add to the list though.

            Btw there is one particular UT99 mod I've lost I would like to have again but haven't had any luck finding it, I think it was called SinUT or something it was similar to U4E content wise.

            Btw also feel free to re-post the link to my collection anywhere you feel the need to do so if it's allowed that is, I might also be able to open it up for others to add things but I'm worried someone will slip a virus in or something.

            Out of curiosity has this collection helped restore anything that went missing?
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