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    Huge thanks for your uploads, HellDragon-HK!
    I have added some of my UT/UT2k3 files to your collection, mostly UT99 DM maps. I've also got many skins/models for the first UT and will ul them as soon as I sort them out.


      Can anyone upload there?.. | f | t


        Yeah, not sure if it counts on my space or yours though but if it does count on yours I have no problems downloading, letting you remove it, and then reupload it so it doesn't use any of your space limit.

        Just please let me know if I need to do so.

        EDIT- Assuming double posts are frowned upon here

        I noticed I was missing AS-Servernaya Waterfront and wasn't able to find it anywhere in my files nor online but thanks to Carbon managing to find it literally 1 piece at a time we were able to repack it and get it added to the list, I think everything is there but if it doesn't work let me know what files are still missing if you can.

        I also want to point out as it seems this map no longer exists anywhere in some kind of zip format I have no idea who made it nor have the original readme for it, so if you're the original author no harm intended but this map is nearly nonexistent these days.
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          Good job putting that together HD.

          Thanks to the gameservers archive, these files are still around, but yeah, in pieces. I can't imagine the work it would take to get all of that back together....160GB of loose files. Anyhow, bit by bit I suppose.
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            Guess I'll have to leave that up to you Carbon, I tried to get the missing files for any of Druid RPG above 200 but no luck although I did see some so it's probably possible.

            I updated the first post to remove old outdated info and added a link to my Youtube UT2004 maps & mods playlist for anyone that may be interested.


              FD - Skylink is missing a texture file, I remember playing this map before so checked and found the missing file on a backup installation, it's being uploaded as a loose texture file to the FLAG DOMINATION folder and is required for the map to even show up in the only question now is if it's not in the map zip then where did I get it from to begin with.


                Any rules against 3 + posts in a row? If yes, sorry about that.

                Does anyone have the vacuum shock combo mutator for UT2004, it kind of replicated UT3's shock combos from what I remember but I apparently lost it at some point and it's nowhere to be found on the net and I'm pretty sure I didn't imagine it's existence.