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    UT2004 Own server

    Hey! I have bee away fro about 5 years from gaming altogether, I used to have mac version of UT2004 and my own server for my friends and I to play on, and I now have a new PC and am wanting to know what I can do to set up my own private server for 3-5 of my friends and I to play on? is it possible still?

    I just love the gameplay of 2k4 way better than any new games.


    I'd recommend checking out the UnrealAdmin pages. You can start either a dedicated or listen server from within UT2k4 (I think you have to have the "Advertise Server" option checked for your friends to see it), but as I understand it most other server admin have .bat batch files written to start their server's using command line parameters.


      You can do that it's no problem. You also don't need to advertise it when you gave your friends the IP and port. You can join every server with the console (press รถ or ~ in the "join menu") bye typing "open IP:Port" without quotes.

      I think you want to set it up on your own PC .. than there is no harm to do it via the ingame setting, but via batch it's smoother. Anyway you need to open some ports when you want your friends to join via i-net.. via lan it works without.. don't forget to set a password.
      UTZone (german) has a nice tutorial, toghether with the unrealAdmin page meow linked you have all infos you need.

      There are also some nice multimod servers out there.
      CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;


        Thanks so much! It's working great.