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Big vehicle inbound - Released!!

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    Big vehicle inbound - Released!!

    So after watching some gameplay videos of a certain sci-fi series, one thing that caught my attention was a giant vehicle called the MAMMOTH. Now seeing as how that other game series is kind of a "walled garden" and you can't actually drive the vehicle, or use it in multiplayer, I thought it might be fun to try and build the vehicle for UT2k4.

    Here are a few screenshots of current progress of the "Mega-Truck" vehicle. I've built the model and skin from scratch, using screenshots as references. I have quite a few thoughts on features I would like to include (weapon lockers, vehicle spawning, mobile teleport locations, "tactical display" map like the ONS radar, vehicle "repair bay" etc.) but also wanted to see if anyone from the community (or at least those that still frequent this forum) had any other suggestions.

    Any other thoughts or suggestions?
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    First, I'd like to say thank you to keep UT2k4 alive. What a big present for Christmas.
    You made an amazing model it looks globally great, I like everything but the front where I feel something wrong but I can't spot precisely what.
    Maybe front lights should be smaller and look more integrated in the structure at least less squared; as they are positioned quite high they only illuminate the sky anyway. For the same reason another set should take place lower (above the door?) to actually see the road.
    I would also add some lights on the rear that would switch on when you open the back door so vehicles and troops are not in the dark when they get out.

    The question is how many times we will be able to open/close doors and move. Also, if doors are closed, will we be able to enter by the top or by the side? I think we could try to exit a flying vehicle using the chute mutator or to jump from a skyscraper..
    I think we will need maps with very high constructions and so huge maps in some cases.

    On big ONS maps it could be used as a mobile power core. I also imagine a VCTF map where the flag base is mobile so you have to look for it first. Why not on the radar you mentioned?
    I can see this in an AS maps where you have to move your headquarters to another location. First you have to secure everyone in the vehicle then move to another location but due to enemy heavy defence you have to proceed by steps to clear path and not lose everything. At the end deploy and define a secure zone around your new headquarters.
    It could be also used in an AS maps suite in some adventure mode. Each time, you land on a different planet to secure it and accomplish an objective: neutralize enemy outpost or stellar system defence, retrieve hostages or a powerful artefact whatever. Once successfully accomplished first missions; I mean there getting a victory on each map, you unlock the final one where you will take advantage of objective completed during first phase. i.e. use collected artefact or a special weapon. A victory there could end the mode or simply be another milestone and unlock another set of maps. Of course it could be done without that big machine but here you would have nothing else that what you brought (selected? ) in the vehicle, hostile forces are not using compatible ammo for example. See it at commandos expeditions at planet scale.

    I hope that helps or gives some perspectives.


      Hi NoSoulBack and Halo Addict! Thank you for the suggestions. This "Mega-Truck" model is just the initial revision, I've got a lot more details to add too.

      1. Yup I plan on adding a few more lights to the exterior of the model (I like the suggestion of the ones just above the door ways), along with some other detailed "tech stuff" to the front end of the model (to include the circular lights), just like the original mammoth had.

      2. I have some door switches now that allow somebody inside the high bay to open and close the front and back door ramps individually, but I also have some simple code right now that automatically closes the doors when the Mega-Truck begins moving, and opens them when it stops. I plan on allowing the driver to set the "door mode" to be either automatic or manual operation. The side doors remain open so that players can jump inside from the sides (if they can manage it without getting squished).

      3. The Mega-Truck can carry one vehicle right now (only because I coded it to carry only one) but I can expand that to "tie-down" as many vehicles as are in the high-bay. You simply drive the vehicle into the bay, then go over and hit the 'Use' key near another switch to lock the vehicles down. The vehicles release when you hit the switch again, or you enter any one of the vehicles (it automatically releases). Because of code changes a long time ago in UT2k4, the karma-physics collision boxes can't be animated, so I can't rely on the door-ramps to keep the vehicles in, that why the code has to "tie them down", so to speak. I will also have a vehicle repair capability in the high bay (the code is already working, I just need to create the visual link-gun like effect).

      4. I've got the basic Halo tri-barrel minigun passenger weapons on the four corners now (they weren't in the original screenshots above), but I will be putting in the rocket cannons once I have the model and code ready. I may make the main cannon a passenger weapon too just so that the driver can't be too powerful in the vehicle (has to at least switch to another seat), but we'll see.

      5. I like the mobile VCTF base idea and spawn point idea. I will see if I can implement them, though it may require custom gametypes (I'll check though, might be able to do it with a an added mutator). I also have been thinking about having an onboard teleporter return that will send the player back to a random spot near the flagbase (this should be easy to do).

      6. For the maps.. I like all of those ideas. I will have to see how much time I have to get to them. I think this could be a lot of fun for an AS map (kind of like the Junkyard Hellbender map, only longer with different environments).

      I hoping to get this out there as part of an update to my TD Warfare Vehicle pack (can be found on ModDB). Probably not gonna be for another week or two at the soonest.


        Just a quick progress update.
        1. I've tried a two techniques for creating "dynamic" path node networks on the Mega-Truck so that Bots can navigate around on it; neither were successful :-(
        2. Got the weapon lockers working now so that they are attached to the Mega-Truck (they also check with mutator list to see if the weapon should be switched out via any mutators).
        3. I've got a "rocket jet" mini-jump function working now (kind of like the Manta, but much smaller) so that its easier to get unstuck from level geometry.
        4. You can board an enemy Mega-Truck, and if you can fight your way into the control room you can shoot the driver out of their seat.


          Short update. Tweaked the model details a bit more, rear lights added now. The basic radar map display is working now, I just have to add the ONS and VCTF specific display icon code. I still have a lot of the interior model and skin work to do. Its pretty fun to play around with in VTCF-Minus (once the karma collision is turned off for all those lightpoles...)
          Click image for larger version

Name:	MegaTruck_BackEnd_wLights.jpg
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Name:	MegaTruck_ControlRoom_PilotScreen.jpg
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Name:	MegaTruck_ControlRoom_RadarScreen.jpg
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Name:	MegaTruck_FrontEnd_wMoreDetail.jpg
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            Hi Maxx,
            The rifle is a recreation of the UT4 Shock Rifle model, but it fires like the Alien Rifle from Turok-The Dinosaur Hunter (I love that old N64 game). I've got the basic VCTF radar code working now: it shows the flag bases, the Mega-Truck location, and your team's flag carrier location.

            Now I just have to figure out what else to show on the other data screens.

            The only vanilla UT2k4 map that I can currently drive it around in is ONS-RedPlanet, everything else has too many snagging geometry staticmesh decorations.


              Well its been a very, very busy year for me IRL. I've had some time to get back to this project. I still have to work on the "destroyed" version model/effect, but it is otherwise in a mostly complete state. I'm hoping to get a usable version out in the next couple of weeks.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	MegaTruck07_CargoBay.jpg
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Name:	MegaTruck07_RearCargoDoor.jpg
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Name:	MegaTruck07_CommandCenter.jpg
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Name:	MegaTruck07_FrontEnd.jpg
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Name:	MegaTruck07_RadarMap.jpg
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Name:	MegaTruck07_PilotSeat.jpg
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                I've uploaded the vehicle pack that includes this initial version of the Mega-Truck here on ModDB for UT2004 files:

                Since most levels are too small for the Mega-Truck (it really only fits in ONS-RedPlanet) I ended up making an adjusted VCTF version of ONS-Minus (with new bridges without crossbeams), and turned off all of the karma physics collision with the light poles, which works pretty well for playing with this vehicle.
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                  I just downloaded the mega truck and took it out for a test drive.
                  Its nice to play with a vehicle you can walk around in.
                  I like the fact you can transport smaller vehicle inside it.
                  The coding you put into this is amazing. Well done.


                    Very impressive!

                    If you like, you could post it on our forum, too.
                    CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;


                      I had some extra time on my hands. I decided to try and make a Bucket-Wheel Excavator vehicle (like the Bagger 288). Here is a pic of the first test version along with the Mega-Truck and Leviathan for scale. This is not an April Fools post. I'm going to try and see if I can make it excavate the terrain using the 'poketerrain' function in the TerrainInfo class. The vehicle is very, very big and won't fit in any normal map. I'm hoping to upload a test version for others to try in a couple of weeks.
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	BaggerExcavator_Test_1April2020.jpg Views:	0 Size:	358.7 KB ID:	408793


                        Can you rotate the bucket and saw/wheel while driving the excavator.
                        I just know you put in extra functions on that beast.

                        Also,I see you have add more detail to the Mega-Truck, look really good.
                        I like the Falcon, excellent camo texture. Have you released the Falcon yet? I would love to take it for a test flight.


                          Hi Mega_Mad_Max. In my initial test version the driver could operate the bucket wheel and boom arm while also driving the vehicle (like the Goliath Tank) but it seemed a bit too powerful so right now the bucket/boom arm is a separate PassengerWeapon instead. I have the basic 'excavating' code working (it digs down into the terrain) for offline mode, and my next goal is to get the basic effects roughed out (dust from the digging end, sounds from the dirt being pulled up, impact particles for when 'unmodifiable' level geometry is encountered). I don't have the damage on the bucket wheel set very high at the moment, so when it hits pawn and vehicles it just tosses them in the air and does 8-15 damage. I've found it mildly entertaining to dig deep trenches in front of the flag bases for the bots to drop into (the navigation networks don't get updated in real time... ), but it basically breaks the maps for bots (I might be able to update local navigation point's cost variable...).

                          The Falcon was already released along with the Mega-truck (see link above). Its a regular party in the air; it can carry 6 players altogether, so with bots it makes an excellent flag-run raiding carrier.


                            I took the Falcon for a test flight (I like it) its maneuverable, the camera views look good everywhere too.
                            I always liked the Mega-Truck but cant figure how to get on the any of the four chain-gun turrets?

                            Wow an excavating code, I had no idea that was possible.
                            Does it use the digging tool in unreal ed / map making or something you completely made from scratch?

                            Just a few thoughts:
                            The "dust from the digging" could that be done with slow swirling smoke effects?
                            The "impact particles" could that be done with grenade/explode/particles code, only slow particle/generation down a bit?

                            I tried out the truck and trailer, for some reason I thought if I backed up the truck into trailer they would auto attach.
                            How/can you attach the trailer to the truck?


                              Hi Maxx,
                              Mega-Truck: For the chainguns I think I usually just jumped in the vehicle's driver seat, then used the '2', '3', '4', '5' keys to swap between the chainguns. I'll have to play with it again to see if I can hit the Use-key to climb into them when I am right next to them. If not then I'll have to update that too.

                              Bagger: The excavation code just uses the native function 'PokeTerrain' that is within the TerrainInfo actor. The excavation feature will work against any terrain in any map at this point. I am pretty sure that it is NOT network compatible without separately keeping a list of all calls to use the function, and then replicating that list to any clients (and any clients who join later). Should be doable (sort of), but I won't be adding it myself as it requires compacting and replicating a lot of data for feature that can easily break a map entirely once used.

                              Thanks for the suggestions regarding the dust & smoke, that kind of what I was thinking too. I've been trying to figure out the most efficient way of creating the dust for both the server and any clients. We'll see how it goes in a couple of weeks...

                              Truck and Trailer: Try 'fire' or 'Altfire' to spawn the trailer at the right location and have it automatically link to the truck. I've thought about adding some other features like the automatic link-up but obviously have not gotten to it. If I had some other fun motivation to work on the code for it I might do it, but I'm still working other stuff.

                              Thanks for trying out the vehicles and leaving feedback.