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    Thanks for the information and tricks on making the vehicles work the way I wanted.

    Originally posted by meowcatbuf View Post
    I've thought about adding some other features like the automatic link-up but obviously have not gotten to it. If I had some other fun motivation to work on the code for it I might do it, but I'm still working other stuff.
    Yea, I hear you, I was working on a gun script for months. I was trying make the bullets heat seek its target by coping code from the rocket launcher. I finely gave up on it after about 20 attempts, tho I think I was getting close. But now matter what I did it was always a little off.
    Motivation is everything when doing something that's so time consuming. You have manage to finish making a lot of vehicles, guns and other stuff. I don't know how you do it all.

    By the way, I also saw a ATAT walker you made but cant get it in game. I guess you cant just drop into a map, right?


      I've been working on YARM for over 15 years now, and the vehicle pack for almost as long (the HUMV model was from ~2004), that's how I did it ;-)

      The ATAT walker had to be summoned in game ("summon td_vehicles.ONS_ATATwalker") and as I recall I needed a pretty big open area to spawn it. It is hardly worth trying at all though: it has no weapon, no internal bay to walk around in, and the legs don't move. I mainly created it just to test its size and scale in game levels to see what felt OK as far as rotation speed.


        Slowly but surely I've been working on my version of the Bagger Bucket Wheel Excavator. I have the basic terrain modifying code done and some basic effects. I'm about 50% done with the textures. The actual final vehicle mesh/geometry is subject to a lot of change (trying to find a mix between what looks nice, can be fun to run around on, and won't require too many skeletal mesh collision boxes). I have teleporters completed that can be attached to the vehicle so that you can get around on it better (since functioning ladders would be much more problematic). Otherwise I have various ramps set up to get between decks on the vehicle.

        I will have at least two minigun turrets (I recoded them and made a combined skeletal mesh so they could be attached to the Bagger), and *maybe* a "dirt ball" cannon that uses the "dirt" that the Bagger excavates as ammo.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Bagger01_VCTF-Valarna.jpg
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Name:	Bagger02_VCTF-Valarna.jpg
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          It may be handy if people can suggest suitable large maps to use these in.
          I have Silveribex's old demo terrain maps which I use them in, but I haven't added any points of interest, just pathing and vehicle factories, so they are only useful as basic sandboxes.
          However when combined with Ballistic Weapons, ChaosUT and the AirPower mod, it keeps me amused.
          Who wants a UT99 FOOD FIGHT ?


            I'm hoping to put together either a basic VCTF or ONS map with enough space to use the Bagger or Mega-Truck. The theme will probably be a "rugged" coastline, with a large sandy beach area to drive these vehicles around on along with seastacks, shipwrecked vessels and some bases along the lines of the UT3 map Islander. We'll see though how much time I actually have to do this though.