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Manta Climbing Walls (Bug/Feature) UT2004

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    [BUG] Manta Climbing Walls (Bug/Feature) UT2004

    Maybe someone know what the problem from this one is and how to avoid or cause it.
    Here is a topic with sampled informations so far. But it's still not solved.
    In the last post I made a minimum working example.
    From a new file.
    • I have one big Substract Brush (7168x32768x24576).
    • Two PowerCore, Two playerstart, Two Manta, one ZoneInfo, One LinkSetup.
    • Than one other Substract Brush (256x256x265). I just moved the brush. It was created when the BuilderBrush was on the side.
    • When the small is above the big, the Bug is there also when not connected.
    • When on the side it's away.
    • When under it's there.

    I don't get why it appeared as there are maps which are build exactly the same (Big Brush and on top other Brushes for Sky) like LegoFort. I tryed to create the Bug there, but without success.
    CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;