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Massive mothership: Ran out of virtual memory crash

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    Oh my god since when is this the case? You're absolutely right. Each group I open has the same stuff. I've never seen this. What in the world am I gonna do about that? I guess try deleting everything but one group? wow.

    Yeah everything you described is my experience on my end.
    I removed bluecablegloss instead of wireredlaced because that's what appeared in the log akenaton posted.

    Thankyou for the compliment.


      Binger is right, i mean StaticMesh cannot beeing a skin (Skins(1)=StaticMesh'myLevel.Deco.CableDeco'), you have not delete the good thing, after downloading the last edit it's not longer working in game so i've just delete the bad skins and i could run it.


      The only crash i have now is in unrealed when i move the mouse in all directions after a while: for me it's material related (Shaders or textures) or holes in Bsp, but you can work with it until you optimize your map, do not mylevel stock tex and SM which are already with ut, all players have them already .

      Click image for larger version  Name:	error.jpg Views:	1 Size:	51.7 KB ID:	401008
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        I'm not sure that all of that stuff is really in every group. Do you remember doing all that? It might just be acting weird. Try to delete something and you will see what I mean. Try ASTurret_Base from any group in myLevel and see what it is trying to delete. It doesn't match. It's a mess for sure but you might be able to just leave it.


          What I did was rename everything into their own groups of myLevel that I thought was the most fitting. Then I would save, restart the engine, build all & save. This must have happened very recently though. It was only a couple weeks ago when I was switching through these groups of static meshes with everything as normal.

          I would think if it were all actually there that many times over that the file size of this would be catastrophic. It's more likely that this is an interface bug.

          I'll have to mess around w/ that tonight.


            I have no idea how I missed your last post Akenaton. Didn't even see it. You've given me something to work with. Thank you.

            A severe flu of some kind took me out for over a week. Maybe when I come back to fire this topic up again for a 3rd time, there will be something people can fight in.
            I didn't invest 2 years to hear a single person say "nice map" lol. But I understand that there is still a ways to go. (and of course the community is much smaller than it use to be.)

            Call me crazy, but the ultimate intention is to get people to reinstall the game to have a one of a kind 16p assault match. I think it would be very cool to have 2 objectives available to complete at each stage with a choice of which to complete first. Something like Radar2004 could be used to indicate positions of all players within distance or only those of the attackers. Each team will need to strategize about which of the two areas to concentrate the bulk of their teammates. The remaining objective to complete after one is successfully attacked will then become more difficult to defend and attack since it is bound to be roughly twice as hectic. (This may influence which Obj should be attacked first.) I'm thinking 3 stages of 2 objectives with spawns relocating after each stage.

            Additionally, with UltimateMappingTools you can do things like designate a pickup to be accessible for one team only. With the tool I have plans to trigger monsters to be unleashed once a certain condition is met. (could be activated if defending team has held off the charge up the ramps for long enough using a time-based or kill-based counter which becomes deactivated once spawns are relocated.)
            (could also encourage defending team to charge down the ramps in order to trigger mover which you will see at the bottom of the ramp where there is a shuttle on top of a platform. this is what this is here for.)
            But of course, until the basic stuff runs well, this is wishful thinking. If I could get that stuff to run well, I could go on to allowing flying battles outside the ship.

            I have a collection of my best completed work here if anyone is interested.
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              The 'apparent duplicates' of meshes in any group cannot be deleted. If I try to delete the same mesh from any group it tells me that it is in use. Not sure how this is possible since only one group name may be referenced. This group bug happened the same way them stock meshes were added in. Somehow it all happened on its own. I only upload custom things into their own packages.

              The bad skins were removed.
              Grab the updated download here to roam around what's there.
              It's a mess right now with movement.
              Expect bad collision, absence of collision, snaggiliness, spaces that are too tight and complete absent at times of movement options to get from one place to the next. use ~ -> fly/teleport
              I'm sorry I'm all over the place. I'm struggling.
              I've never taken anything on that's this large and detailed.


                281 MB, WTF, I hope to be downloading dolphin porn . . .
       | f | t


                  I could insert a dolphin porn room if you'd like?