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    need help finding skin

    i tried a lot but i cant find the working doom 3 marine skin all the gamefront and other links people posted here are already gone and broken the only post about this skin i saw trying to do something about was a guy saying that if we edit the upl file it ''works'' but its not working for me the guy posted saying for us to edit the upl file like that:


    Player=(DefaultName="D3Marine",Race="ICCS",Mesh=D3 Marinefixed.D3Marine,species=xGame.SPECIES_Human,B odySkin=D3Marinefixed.MarineBody,FaceSkin=D3Marine fixed.Head,Portrait=D3Marinefixed.Portrait,Sex=Mal e,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0. 7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0. 3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime= +2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=5,Menu="",Text="Name: D3Marine|Age: 30|Race: ICCS||Data:||Our favorite Doom 3 Marine joins the Unreal games.||")

    Player=(DefaultName="D3MarineBlack",Race="ICCS",Me sh=D3Marinefixed.D3Marine,species=xGame.SPECIES_Hu man,BodySkin=D3Marinefixed.MarineBodyblack,FaceSki n=D3Marinefixed.Head,Portrait=D3Marinefixed.Portra it,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jum piness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressi veness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,Rea ctionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=5,Menu="",Text="N ame: D3Marine|Age: 30|Race: ICCS||Data:||Our favorite Doom 3 Marine joins the Unreal games.||")

    Player=(DefaultName="D3Campbell",Race="ICCS",Mesh= D3Marinefixed.Campbell,species=xGame.SPECIES_Human ,BodySkin=D3Marinefixed.MarineBody,FaceSkin=D3Mari nefixed.CampbellHead,Portrait=D3Marinefixed.Campbe llPortrait,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCa nnon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2, Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility= +0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=0,BotUse=5,Menu="" ,Text="Name: D3Campbell|Age: 30|Race: ICCS||Data:||Doom 3 Campbell joins the championship.||")

    so before the file was like this:


    Player=(DefaultName="D3Marine",Race="ICCS",Mesh=D3Marine.D3Marine,species=xGame.SPECIES_Human,BodySkin=D3Marine.MarineBody,FaceSkin=D3Marine.Head,Portrait=D3Marine.Portrait,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=5,Menu="",Text="Name: D3Marine|Age: 30|Race: ICCS||Data:||Our favorite Doom 3 Marine joins the Unreal games.||")

    Player=(DefaultName="D3Campbell",Race="ICCS",Mesh=D3Marine.Campbell,species=xGame.SPECIES_Human,BodySkin=D3Marine.MarineBody,FaceSkin=D3Marine.CampbellHead,Portrait=D3Marine.CampbellPortrait,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=0,BotUse=5,Menu="",Text="Name: D3Campbell|Age: 30|Race: ICCS||Data:||Doom 3 Campbell joins the championship.||")

    soo even if i edit like the guy said the char doesnt appear inside the char selection and if we start the game like that its just got the default malcolm skin(and yes i have the files in the right folders upl in system and ukx in animations)i saw around the internet that some people said the d3 marine avaiable to download is only a fix for the ragdoll that people were having problems so since i dont see much people around here trying to solve this ''forgotten'' skin issue i want to know where i can find the working d3 marine skin files or what i need to do to get these files working or what im doing wrong thanks in advance.

    I've got all of the D3 model packs (I think), perhaps you're trying to use a version that requires one of those to be installed previously, if it isn't showing up it about has to be missing a file but the change you made points to a new ukx file by the look of it, you changed it from Mesh=D3Marine.D3Marine to Mesh=D3 Marinefixed.D3Marine which one of the issues is a space in the name, file paths can't have spaces I don't think so if you have a D3MarineFixed.ukx then it needs to be Mesh=D3Marinefixed.D3Marine.

    Also what do you mean by having issues with it, those models work fine in UT2004 for me, maybe you're using an old UT2003 version?

    Here's the ones I've got installed and they all work correctly



    Player=(DefaultName="D3Campbell",Race="ICCS",Mesh=D3Marine.Campbell,species=xGame.SPECIES_Human,BodySkin=D3Marine.MarineBody,FaceSkin=D3Marine.CampbellHead,Portrait=D3Marine.CampbellPortrait,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=0,BotUse=5,Menu="",Text="Name: D3Campbell|Age: 30|Race: ICCS||Data:||Doom 3 Campbell joins the championship.||")



    Player=(DefaultName="Udolf",Mesh=d3zcc.zcc,species=xGame.SPECIES_Night,BodySkin=d3zcc.Skin.com1-sh,FaceSkin=d3zcc.Skin.eye-sh,Portrait=d3zcc.Portrait.portrait_0,Text="DOOM3 Zombie Commando",Sex=Male,Menu="SP",Aggressiveness=+0.7,Accuracy=0.08,CombatStyle=+0.4,Jumpiness=+1.0,bJumpy=False,StrafingAbility=+0.5,Tactics=1.1,ReactionTime=1.03,FavoriteWeapon=XWeapons.Minigun,TeamFace=1,BotUse=3)

    Player=(DefaultName="Doom3 Cyber Demon",Mesh=UbHDM3Pack.CyberDemon.cyberdemonmesh,species=xGame.SPECIES_Merc,BodySkin=UbHDM3Pack.CyberDemon.cyberdemonfinalskin,FaceSkin=UbHDM3Pack.CyberDemon.cyberdemonfinalskin,Portrait=UbHDM3Pack.CyberDemon.CYBERICON,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=3,Menu="",Text="Name: DOOM3's Cyber Demon|Age: 1|Race: Spawn From HEll||Data:||DEEP FROM THE BOWLS OF HELL COMES Doom3'S CyborDemon.||")

    Player=(DefaultName="Doom3 Hell Knight",Mesh=UbHDM3Pack.Doomhellknight.hellknightmesh,species=xGame.SPECIES_Merc,BodySkin=UbHDM3Pack.HellKnight.finalskin,FaceSkin=UbHDM3Pack.HellKnight.finalskin.toungcombo.gob2_h.gob_s,Portrait=UbHDM3Pack.Doomhellknight.HELLICON,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=3,Menu="",Text="Name: DOOM3's Hell Knight|Age: 1|Race: Spawn From Hell||Data:||As this spawn passed from the halls of hell to our tournaments his flesh was imprinted with the satanic plans and symbols to close up this gate. Therefor anyone who trys to get near him is a meer threat only out to read and use these plans to destroy this gate to hell and seal this knights fate!.||")

    Player=(DefaultName="Doom3 Hell Knight Orignal",Mesh=UbHDM3Pack.Doomhellknight.hellknightorignal,species=xGame.SPECIES_Merc,BodySkin=UbHDM3Pack.Doomhellknight.orignalfinal,FaceSkin=UbHDM3Pack.Doomhellknight.orignalfinal.toungcombo.gob2_h.gob_s,Portrait=UbHDM3Pack.Doomhellknight.ORIGNALHELLICON,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=3,Menu="",Text="Name: DOOM3's Hell Knight Orignal|Age: 1|Race: Spawn From Hell||Data:||As time passed and the tournaments got to be far too much for one HellKnight, his back up was called in, This cousin to the Branded Hell Knight is just as vicious, just as crule, and just as loud as the frist. He is out to do only one thing, and that to protect the Gates of Hell!||")

    Player=(DefaultName="Doom3 Sawyer Zombie",Mesh=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3Sawyer.sawyermesh,species=xGame.SPECIES_Human,BodySkin=UbHDM3Pack.sawyer.sawyerfinalbody,FaceSkin=UbHDM3Pack.sawyer.shair1,Portrait=UbHDM3Pack.sawyer.SAWYERICON,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=3,Menu="",Text="Name: DOOM3's Sawyer Zombie|Age: 1|Race: Zombie||Data:||From the darkest corners of the Mars Labs comes "Sawyer Zombie".
    Hes no Cyber Demon, but this over the hill beer belly zombie is a little ******-off over his receding hair line, so watch out he doesn’t take it out on you.||")

    Player=(DefaultName="Doom3 Brown IMP",Mesh=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.brownimpmesh,species=xGame.SPECIES_Human,BodySkin=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.brownskins,FaceSkin=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.brownskins,Portrait=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.IMPICON,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=3,Menu="",Text="Name: DOOM3's Brown IMP|Age: 1|Race: Spawn From Hell||Data:||This spawn from hell likes nothing more than to go human hunting, and a human hunting he will go. Watch your back cause he WILL sneek up on you.||")

    Player=(DefaultName="Doom3 Red IMP",Mesh=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.redimpmesh,species=xGame.SPECIES_Human,BodySkin=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.BIfinalskin,FaceSkin=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.BIfinalskin,Portrait=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.REDICON,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=3,Menu="",Text="Name: DOOM3's Red IMP|Age: 1|Race: Spawn From Hell||Data:||This spawn from hell likes nothing more than to go human hunting, and a human hunting he will go. Watch your back cause he WILL sneek up on you.||")

    Player=(DefaultName="Doom3 Halloween IMP",Mesh=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.halloweenimpmesh,species=xGame.SPECIES_Human,BodySkin=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.halloweenfinalskin,FaceSkin=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.halloweenfinalskin,Portrait=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3IMP.HALLOWEENICON,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=3,Menu="",Text="Name: DOOM3's Halloween IMP|Age: 1|Race: Spawn From Hell||Data:||This spawn from hell likes nothing more than to go human hunting, and a human hunting he will go. Watch your back cause he WILL sneek up on you.||")

    Player=(DefaultName="Doom3 Jumpsuit Zombie",Mesh=UbHDM3Pack.Doom3JumpSuitZombie.jumpsuitmesh,species=xGame.SPECIES_Human,BodySkin=UbHDM3Pack.JumpsuitZombieTextures.jumpsuitfinalbody,FaceSkin=UbHDM3Pack.JumpsuitZombieTextures.jumpsuitfinalhead,Portrait=UbHDM3Pack.JumpsuitZombieTextures.JUMPSUITICON,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=3,Menu="",Text="Name: DOOM3's Jumpsuit Zombie|Age: 1|Race: Zombie||Data:||This lucky soul was found wandering the halls of the DOOM3 Alpha Labs. It looks like he got into a fight with his face and the side of the spinning Reactors... The Reactor won!||")

    Player=(DefaultName="Doom3 Lab Coat Zombie",Mesh=UbHDM3Pack.labcoatzombie.labcoatzombiemesh,species=xGame.SPECIES_Human,BodySkin=UbHDM3Pack.Labcoatzombietextures.finalbodyskin,FaceSkin=UbHDM3Pack.Labcoatzombietextures.finalheadskin.eyes,Portrait=UbHDM3Pack.labcoatzombietextures.LABCOATICON,Sex=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.FlakCannon,Jumpiness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+2.0,Tactics=+0.2,Aggressiveness=+0.3,Accuracy=+0.4,StrafingAbility=+0.7,ReactionTime=+2.0,TeamFace=1,BotUse=3,Menu="",Text="Name: DOOM3's Labcoat Zombie|Age: 1|Race: Zombie||Data:||This zombie has been found crawling in most of the Alpha lab bathrooms and in almost every other dark dirty place. On the most part has just another zombie but he will go ape nuts if there’s a heart beat or at least some nice fleshy brains near by, so if you have one of the two your best bet is to stay clear.||")

    Looks like I might be using the UT2003 pack after all, it's the one by EvilEngine dated 2003 but it's not the only one I have, I also have Qx9's pack.

    Either way they should all be available here
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      thanks for the reply,no im using UT2004 Editors choice and it is in the latest version its all ok with my UT2004.

      man you rock!i checked your link it really is a savior really man many thanks i found the D3marine in your google drive skins and also a lot of badass and awesome skins a dindt saw before(i downloaded a lot of skins there)and now is working and showing me the character and the file was totally different from the one i got around the internet your version is really the original file, but weird is both files had the same UPL code the guy who posted here said that the person forgot to put something in the upl file so he posted his ''correct'' version code lines i showed you with : ''DefaultName="D3Marine",Race="ICCS",Mesh=D3 Marinefixed and etc...'' apparently people were having issues with the ragdoll of this skin thats what the d3marine fixed version readme says : ''it fixes the rag doll bug that some people had for this model''so i assume i need the original file(that i got from you now) plus this fixed file?

      also i noticed inside the codes you showed me that have more than 2 models from D3 marines? like : '' Player=(DefaultName="D3Commando",Mesh=D3Commando.D3Commando,species=xGame.SPECIES_Night,Sex=Male,BodySkin=D3Commandotex.Shader,FaceSkin=D3Commandotex.teeth,Portrait=D3Commandotex.pic,Aggressiveness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+0.8,Tactics=+0.9,Ragdoll=Male2,BotUse=3)

      Player=(DefaultName="D3Marine(nomask)",Mesh=D3Marine2.D3Marine2,species=xGame.SPECIES_Merc,Sex=Male,BodySkin=D3Marinetex.Shader,FaceSkin=D3Marinetex.Shader,Portrait=D3Marinetex.pic2,Aggressiveness=+0.7,CombatStyle=+0.8,Tactics=+0.9,Ragdoll=Male2,BotUse=3) ''

      these are not present inside the upl d3marine file i got from you it is just campbell and d3marine with helmet i also searched around your google drive files and could not find.
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        You're welcome

        I wasn't questioning your version of the game, I was asking about the model, UT2003 custom models don't always work in UT2004 (i.e. the Blood Angels Mini Pack) but it can usually be fixed by editing the ragdoll= in the upl.

        As far as the D3 Marine fix goes I don't know, I've never noticed having any problems with the ragdoll so first I've heard of it and I've been using it as long as it's been around.

        The Commando isn't a marine, he's that zombie commando you run into in Delta Labs that have tentacles or chainguns and I think the one I have installed is in ut2mdl-d3commando but with an edited upl to remove the extra and rename him slightly.

        The Marine(Mask) and Marine(NoMask) are in EvilEngine's pack which is , I'm not sure you can use both D3Marine model packs at the same time however.

        UbHDM3Pack1.0 has all of the other monster type characters and the UbHDM3Pack is I think an update but does require the 1.0 file previously.


          oh i see yeah i dont know if the d3marine skin is for ut2004 or ut2003 all i know is the one i got from your files is working now yeah i posted that before looking further into your files yes the d3commando is the big zombie i saw the pics inside the winrar(i though it was other variation of the d3marine,its been too long since i played doom3 so i dont remember all the npcs names) yes the d3marine mask and no mask have the same file name as D3marine so it says to you to replace the other d3marine so for the time being i will play with the d3marines i was looking for and yes the ragdoll is working fine even with the mutator i use that change the ragdoll style/physics.

          also do you know or you have some C&C tiberian sun skins,weapons,mods that you can share?


            All I know of that is C&C related are, the Havoc character in Team Snake Eyes looks a bit like Havoc, Uber Soldier Imports (on ModDB as well as my collection) has several vehicles from Renegade and other, there is the C&C Vehicles pack which is the old style but it comes with a turrets mutator too which is fun, blue gets GDI defense while Red gets NOD & Soviet, same for vehicles blue has GDI and Allied while Red has NOD and Soviet. I also when I first started trying to do things for UT made voice packs for all of the Renegade voice types, my most current videos have several in use as well as the C&C vehicles & turrets.

            I'm disappointed nobody ever made a Renegade model pack for UT2004 to go with those voices, I was hoping it would happen when I did those.
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              yes i agree C&C renegade and tiberian sun both are epic games that deserve skins,weapons,mods and people didnt created skins or weapons for UT series,yes i saw the C&C renegade vehicles pics around the internet but i could not find the files to download the voice pack from C&C renegade is new to me never saw it before, do you have some working links that i can download these vehicles/mods and the voice pack for C&C renegade you talking about?


                Everything should be on my Google Drive, just take a bit of time and poke around, there's a lot there and you might not be giving it enough time to load everything making it look less than it is.

                The vehicles are either in the UIB or UIP archive (or might have been both) in Mutators -> Vehicles, the cncvehiclepackbeta is in there as well, it's the one that has the turrets.

                The Renegade voices are in my vps pack 3 (I was a lot younger when I did those, looking at them now I understand more of the dialogue than I did back then and really feel like I need to redo them if I can find my old project files at some point)


                  yes its a lot of stuff there that i easy get lost fiding something but its ok at some point i will find it dont worry,also you played or saw a game called chrome? its a sci-fi fps from 2003 i played a lot and still playing sometimes nowadays and i really think the weapons and the skins/armors from this game are really awesome,i think would be very cool to add them to UT2004 i even tried to search around the internet and could not find but it seems this game are not well known by people(this game are on steam),so im asking you if you could take the chrome weapons and skins and add to UT2004 for me? if you know how to do this(or at least know someone who knows)or if have the possibility to do that of course.

                  here some links from images of this game:
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                    Sorry man, I can only do really simple stuff like vps and small tweaks here and there, as for knowing anyone, up until last year I've mostly been a lurker and stayed out of the community (anti social disorder ) which I really regret.

                    Maybe try starting a new request topic and maybe you'll get lucky


                      ok thanks for the attention and the help,i will try to do that.