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R.I.P. -> UT Stats Server for UT99 and UT2k4

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    [PROTOTYPE] R.I.P. -> UT Stats Server for UT99 and UT2k4

    All started with DM-Rankin...

    Flak Hi everyone, We are in the process of auditing old servers that are on site at Epic Games Headquarters. While we have no intention of taking the UT99 or UT2004 master servers offline, we will no longer be collecting stat information. This Friday, October 26, we'll be taking the stats database and website offline. Of course, you can continue to play as always. Thank you for your continued support of Unreal Tournament.
    From here:

    After 14 years the stats servers from UT2k4 (and after 19 years the one from UT99) are turned off. The stats database will just be erased, at the moment there is no permission to make the data public. That are 33 years from Epics history.
    It would be great to keep the data as there are a "few" hours playtime in it. Also for the history of Epic-Games.

    How about some numbers?
    Today there are 47111148 hours playtime that are ~5378 years nonstop of playing UT2k4 logged on 28391860 matches, with 2886125 different player-ids on 130976 servers with 81130 maps.
    Thats a bit more than a few I guess.

    So thanks to the wayback mashine there is a snapshot from April 2018. In the six months from that time to now there were ~178155 hours so ~20,3 years played.
    And there are 1062 new loggend maps in that time, so ~6 new logged maps every Day.
    And the 5034 new player-ids are also nice. As well as the 727 new logged servers.

    So Epic thanks for 14 years UT2k4 stats server, but it could last longer. And saving the data would definitely write Epic in the good books of many players. Save them, for the history!
    CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;

    There are a few questions to be asked:
    1. Couldn't they let the servers running for a few years longer? It couldn't be that expensive even including IT support.
    2. Why don't they make the data public? It has been public for several years now, hasn't it?
    3. Will they delete the data wiping out the mentioned 5000 years of UT2k4 and god knows how many years of UT99 history?

    There has to be some other point of view than "it wasn't worth maintaining" which I'm not seeing because otherwise they really don't want people to be on their side.
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      RIP UT2004 Stats Server



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          ye its sad, i still used it after sundays to analyze the matches and the top player ranking was nice. Anyone knows what "Critical Kills" in bombing run was?
          Click image for larger version

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            Critical Kills is how many times players killed Ball-Carrier. It uses weapon stat Deathsholding for BallLauncher (you will see that value is 72 for that match, the total for both teams 36+36)


              oh great thanks, i can program that stats in UT4 BR. It is a great indicator for effective players. Score, Kills and Goals don't say much about that
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                  If you want to save your playerstats than you have to be quick (they fixed the playerdatabase for the moment):
                  CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;


                    Holy ****! What the heck Epic!?! UT99 and UT2004 are the reason you guys exist and was your best creation!
                    Original comment had no bad language in it:
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                      R.I.P. EpicStatServer. * 18. March 2004 _ † 4. Dec. 2018
                      If anybody has saved the database, it would be appreciated when it would made public.

                      So I downloaded a bit to save a little history. It's not even close to everything, nevertheless a huge number of files. Uncompressed ~20 GB and with zip ~4.08 GB, rar and 7zip are lower, but I used zip for the mac users. The file was compressed with 7zip.
                      Feel free to do whatever you like with the files and share them. Just give some credits to the work which my Labtop did. =D
                      Code: Select all
                      HTTrack Website Copier/3.49-2 mirror complete in 31 days, 0 hours 52 minutes 1 seconds : 916955 links scanned, 792383 files written (17712681053 bytes overall), 699304 files updated [2418488588 bytes received at 901 bytes/sec], 16609042460 bytes transferred using HTTP compression in 688387 files, ratio 13%, 17.3 requests per connection

                      (121662 errors, 3038 warnings, 0 messages)

                      Every "error" is a server because the tracker obviously couldn't start the game. You can take a look at the IP:Ports in the log file.
                      The newest data is also from the date when I first lanched it, so the newest aren't there.

                      You can't use the search functions from the pages. But you can sort the players bye ID, or name and than try to find the right page. To open it save the files on your PC and uncompress it (My main PC was needing 30 mins with 6 kernals to compress it.) than go to the "index.html" within the folder and open it local in a browser. (Don't try to move or copie the uncompressed files to another physical medium as it will take some days.)

                      And in case you don't already have them, here are many custom-map musik files (2.41 GB):
                      CEONSS discord server:
                      Post on CEONSS

                      P.S. offers another independet way to save the stats for your server.
                      CEONSS: ; ut2004:// ;


                        I was trying to get to 10k kills with lightning gun and I think I was over 8k. At 10k I was going to switch to another wpn, finally.

                        No need I guess, now. Myfirstime here, luckyiguess. <sik>/<die>auntjeff