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Abnormal program termination

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    Abnormal program termination

    Hi there

    I have searched "read before posting" have tried to search for a similar post with same problem, but have not found anything ..that I have not tried,,

    This afternoon ( some 4 hours ago...) I found my ol Unreal Tournament 2003, and now it is not afternoon anymore, now it is evening....
    and, YES you guess right , I have not even started the game, yet, not even installed cd1..

    I get an abnormal program termination when I run the install.exe program.
    Not immediately but after some time. (2-3 min)
    runtime error, abnormal program termination,

    Till now I have tried to install virtual c++ x86, including the 2005 version ( the oldest I could find), I have tried to run in all possible compatibility modes, from win 98 and ahead,+ have tried to lover resolution, and you name it...

    SO...what to try next? are there a patch or something I have not found?

    or should I find a 2003 PC?.. haha

    hope for some kind of help )

    have a nice evening!!

    PS my pc is a amd ryzen 7 2700x, 16 Gb Ram the weak part is the GT 750 4 Gb GPU.. and Win 10 Home editon.

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