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Making a new CBP/UCMP (yes, this is a 2019 thread)

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    I'm failing to attract more people, I don't know what to do...

    I'm going to make a map, sure, but I don't think we have the numbers to make a pack... | f | t


      Hey PB! Don't worry. Just make a map or two and I will try to make a map or two, and if there are only 2-4 maps in the pack, that is OK. :-)


        OK, I'm waiting for the Windows 10 update, I'll install a dual boot... | f | t


          I got M Kusanagi on board...
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            Don't give up. We are still out there looking for Servers to play on. If you get a chance, our clan site is back online as well as a server.


              I have a half done medium size DM map sitting on my hard-drive I could see about finally getting finished.
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                Holy moley !
                Silver Ibex of all people to crawl out of the woodwork
                Who wants a UT99 FOOD FIGHT ?


                  My dad had a stroke, I don't know when I'll start with this...
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                    I want to share something, dude utilized photogrammetry from screenshots to create the base model...

                    Beyond that he could have exported the map with Hammer, I found the technique interesting...

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                      Hi PB. I'm sorry to hear that your father suffered a stroke. I'll be praying for you both and his recovery.

                      That is a pretty interesting video. It looks like it takes him quite a bit of time to set all that up (I wonder how much that extra software costs to simplify import).

                      Hey SI, long, long time no see! Got any screenshots of the map?
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                        Party Boy, sad to hear your dad is not doing well, I hope he can make a full recovery.

                        About the video, cool example of photogrammetry from ingame screen shots
                        You should check out this video How to 3D Photoscan Easy and Free

                        The Quixel video reminds me how at this point, UE4 requires an entire third party tool chain just to make passable recreations of old maps, maps that have already been built and play tested in other older more content creator friendly engines

                        UE4 is handy for displaying geometry, but is not really suited for world creation inside the engine. it performs best when loading externally prefabricated building blocks.

                        Unreal went from a world modeling program, to UE4 now an almost exclusively rendering focused program.

                        However with real time ray tracing, the nice light rendering that once made big name game engines so exclusively special, is now going to become common place, so what will Epic have to offer when even old Quake II maps can now have as good or even better lighting?

                        Hi Meowcat, it has been awhile some early pics of my map were posted over at the Discord here
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                          Hi guys! Sure, I'd like to contribute an old map I made on 2007 for UT2004. Its CTF-Avalon. However, I think it would be fun to update the visuals a bit! I developed it back then on a Geforce 5200 and a Radeon 9200 on a Pentium 4, and it used to run at around 28 to 35 fps. Now even with my old Haswell and Geforce 970 I think I can push it way harder hehehehehehe. I think it would be fun to throw everything at it that I could only dream of back then... high poly geometry for everything, dynamic projectors, real time water reflections, pre-rendered light maps, the works!

                          EDIT: I also remember that I have a half made DM map for UT2004 that was supposed to be GPU melting back then hahahaha.... I think I have those files around here somewhere... I could finish that one.
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                            I don't know what will happen with this, we are not even 4... 5 people?..
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                              I have a map about to be finished (ONS), currently being polished, in case it might interest you and if the project comes to an end, anyway i will make a thread once jobs done.