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Bombing Run question

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    Bombing Run question

    Hello there !

    I'm planning to do a speedrun on Godlike career : it has already been done but WITH aim-assist : but when I watch first's video, on BR he CAN use teleporter RIGHT AFTER ball launched !
    How is it possible ?

    "[...]Ball Launcher also drains the energy from the Translocator, preventing the ball carrier from tossing the ball and translocating to move faster. This option can be disabled though."
    But it's not was i've read on an official guide + I can't find out any options : this would literally change everything and help me to save like 15 to half a minute...

    Also, I've done it in 6h42 (in-game menu counted); i can do it under 6h30, I just have to fight Xan in the end instead of Clan-Lord and manage my cash better (my team is too costly)...
    Beating under 6 hours is maybe possible but only with very lucky circumpstance : playing this career mod is like throwing dices : sometimes bots are going crazy, u have no choices than restarting but then u lose cash, u lose time farming gold etc...