Here is my WR, I speedrun for almost 2 months and I can't never have a perfect one, so much RNG based on A.I, going totally crazy or dumb if it's about my teammates...On some map I feel like i can't do anything but skipping a certain team on certains maps so I lose time restarting.
But even though it wasn't perfect it's still a good time so I posted it : I'll try to beat it in many weeks / months, I don't know yet : I aim to hit under 3hours : not sure I'm able to but each time I was thinking that I blown my old record by a quarter or half a minute....But now I reach a point where saving each minutes Is great; u can lose time at any moment during the 3 hours, mostly coz of bots behave; though, I have certainly room to enhance myself and getting some maps even more consistent about time.
On this one I beat my time on a lot of many and was a breeze on 90% of them, I would say :


I'm not sure aim-assist would help me to save so much : 5 min for sure to reach ladder, annoying in BR, and maybe helping me to not fumble and score while facing a threat.

If you have any tips to improve or want to beat it, just go ahead !