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Server Shutsdown after Mapvote

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    Server Shutsdown after Mapvote


    My server is running the 'BestTimes' mutator which purpose is to record the time of every individual player and store these in a database which will sort those times out and show them for every trials map. When a record has been set on a long map name i.e. STR-PWC-MinecraftDiamondRun-01 and then you vote away from the map the server crashes.

    MutBestTimes: Processing record for player nig-ger 6.79 STR-PWC-MinecraftDiamondRun-01
    MutBestTimes: Processing record for player nig-ger 6.74 STR-PWC-MinecraftDiamondRun-01
    MutBestTimes: Started saving progress for ghost 9b7b4542fd57bcde3194ebc6bd318a5b Existing: True
    MutBestTimes: *** New Best Solo Speed-Record ***
    MutBestTimes: Saving complete! 69 frames have been saved! MapName: STR-PWC-MinecraftDiamondRun-01 GhostId: 9b7b4542fd57bcde3194ebc6bd318a5b Existing: True
    MutBestTimes: *** ServerTraveling ***
    Log: Save=21.780607
    Log: Moving '../Saves/Save.tmp' to '../Saves/BestTimes_RecordsData.uvx'
    Log: Save=10.573072
    Log: Moving '../Saves/Save.tmp' to '../Saves/BestTimes_PlayersData.uvx'
    Log: Save=7.817943
    Log: Moving '../Saves/Save.tmp' to '../Saves/BTGhost_STR-PWC-MinecraftDiamondRun-01_9b7b4542fd57bcde3194ebc6bd318a5b.uvx'
    ScriptLog: ProcessServerTravel: STR-Speedmap-13-EE2?Game=UT04TrialGame.UT04Trial_SoloGameInfo?Mutator=MutTrialsPlus.MutNoAutoFire,AccessPlus.AccessPlus,utcompv17a.MutUTComp,MutEmoticons.MutEmoticons,ServerBTimes.MutBestTimes
    ScriptLog: PreClientTravel
    ScriptLog: PreClientTravel
    Log: Server switch level: STR-Speedmap-13-EE2?Game=UT04TrialGame.UT04Trial_SoloGameInfo?Mutator=MutTrialsPlus.MutNoAutoFire,AccessPlus.AccessPlus,utcompv17a.MutUTComp,MutEmoticons.MutEmoticons,ServerBTimes.MutBestTimes
    Log: Browse: STR-Speedmap-13-EE2?Game=UT04TrialGame.UT04Trial_SoloGameInfo?Mutator=MutTrialsPlus.MutNoAutoFire,AccessPlus.AccessPlus,utcompv17a.MutUTComp,MutEmoticons.MutEmoticons,ServerBTimes.MutBestTimes?MaxPlayers=10
    Exit: Socket shut down
    Log: Collecting garbage
    Log: Purging garbage
    Log: (Karma): Level Karma Terminated.
    Critical: Unhashed name 'BTGhost_STR-PWC-MinecraftDiamondRun-01_9b7b4542fd57bcde3194ebc6'
    Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
    Exit: Exiting.
    Log: FileManager: Reading 0 GByte 0 MByte 0 KByte 0 Bytes from HD took 0.000000 seconds (0.000000 reading, 0.000000 seeking).
    Log: FileManager: 0.000000 seconds spent with misc. duties
    Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down
    Uninitialized: Log file closed, Mon Jan 20 11:40:34 2020

    When the map gets unloaded (garbage collected), the game looks up the names of all the objects in order to figure out if theyre rooted or not and to start deleting them, but it fails to find objects with names that are longer than 64 characters. So when the rest of the name gets trunctated, the engine fails to find the object that name refers to. Since the names in-game have a hardcoded max length of 64 characters the only way to fix this issue would be to shorten the mapname length which is very inconvenient given the server has over 1k+ Maps, or to remove the guid and find an alternative way to store player information in a database. Is there a possible fix for this to increase the character limit?

    Thank you
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