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How to create AI teams in UT2004 Single Player?

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    How to create AI teams in UT2004 Single Player?

    So I want to mod UT2004 to create teams of bots that are a mix of different teams (e.g. a team with Corrosion, Frostbite, Mokara, Greith, etc.), kind of like how the teams were in the first Unreal Championship. I already looked in most of the configurable.ini files in the Settings folder for UT2004 but haven't had any luck yet (I did figure out how to make all characters free agents in the single player ladder though, so that's some progress). However, I am having trouble finding the files in which the data for single player teams are at? Anyone know which files they are in, or where would be a good place to look? I have some experience in using Unreal Editor to edit scripts and make new teams in UT99 single player, so if its something like that I think I'll be able to figure it out.

    Also, I'm fully aware of the dangers of directly editing files and have a backup of the entire game just in case something goes wrong. I also don't ever play UT2004 online, so not being able to do so wont be an issue for me either.

    I actually found something in the file, where it lists the different team names, such as;


    I don't know if you'll be able to configure the team's members, though, so I'd keep looking a bit.