Coronavirus apocalypse, racist pig cops killing black men, and Yellowstone activity is increasing. Why not get Unreal Tournament started again amidst the tribulation apocalypse? Unreal Tournament 2004 remastered, or start advertising Unreal Tournament in general. I am still baffled at how these kids can click epic games launcher and Unreal Tournament is totally invisible to their eyes and they only see Fornite. Shooters today are so dead and boring. I play Battlefront 2 with that toxic community and have hundreds of recorded gameplay videos, but the only appeal is Star Wars. In no way is it competitive or fast paced, but the people who play seem to think otherwise and are boisterous. If it wasn't Star Wars, no one would play that game. I did a playthrough of Maneater. Exciting game, but I reached 100% completion a few days ago. Moving on to the next thing. I wish someone could contact that "Ninja" boy to play me 1 vs 1 in Unreal Tournament in front of his millions of youtube and twitch viewers. Perhaps the game would get some recognition and views then. And I would totally record it and turn it into a hilarious circus video. No on offense to anyone who worships that guy playing Fornite. I can see the title now: "Fornite Player NINJA Gets Embarrassed in Epic Games' Unreal Tournament." - Yahoo News