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UT2004 ?MinNetPlayers and ?WaitForNetPlayers parameters

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    [BUG] UT2004 ?MinNetPlayers and ?WaitForNetPlayers parameters

    I've got a fully functioning UT2004 server (Debian Linux v3369) that me and several friends play on. Though the documentation is scattered, I've managed to piece together most of what I need from the standpoint of setting up games. There is one thing I have been struggling to work when running setting up a new game command, ?MinNetPlayers and ?bWaitForNetPlayers.

    As far as I am reading through over an hour of scouring online documentation, a startup command should read something as follows:

    server DM-Deck17?Game=xGame.XDeathmatch?GoalScore=25?TimeLimit=20?Translocator=False

    These commands work as expected, but at times we would like to set the ?MinNetPlayers and ?bWaitForNetPlayers parameters when we know we have specific amount of players joining and want to wait for the game to start until everyone joins. Problem is, when adding either of those (one or the other, or both) the settings are never honored:

    server DM-Deck17?Game=xGame.XDeathmatch?GoalScore=25?TimeLimit=20?Translocator=False?MinNetPlayers=4?WaitForNetPlayers=True

    The game loads and the countdown to start that match begins regardless of the number of players in the lobby. As of now, the workaround has been to just use ?PlayersMustBeReady=True, which requires each of us to ready up before the match actually begins. Not ideal, but it works.

    Maybe I am missing something? Anyone have any idea why these two commands don't work correctly?