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    it's me... that guy everyone defamed over in
    can you believe epic games hired these defaming slandering nobodies?
    just cuz i was a beginner in the coding game, now i'm getting places i don't hear people talking much anymore.


      i've got overwatch rips, fortnite rips, i got the fighter from the latest cod, anything i want guys

      and i can make all of it a reality, in unreal engine 1. WOOOOOOOOO!

      while you guys ez mode with all of your fancy engines, he made this stuff in unreal 4, and backwards compiled it for ut2k4.



        i used my generic female character mesh import script

        and i got this right away...

        hopefully the original author will ponder giving me some of his coordinates for the meshes he made, without those i have to guess,
        and you know how guessing the lod/bias and coordinates distorts the mesh/anim.
        well its trial and error without the raw numbers, you can import all day but without the mesh coords size/detail numerics it will look bad.

        so may i plz has some basic xyz and lod/bias #'s plz?

        we all know i'll fix the texture, when i import the original, and i can even multiple lighting lightmaps/bump map/shading
        unreal engine one might be primitive but it CAN look good if you put the effort in.
        you can even multiple overlay your mesh, so you can have animated textures in layers, as we all do with our hud canvas.
        that's the latest in mesh trickery over in fortnite, i should know i was doing it first in UNREAL ENGINE 1
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          some help with your coordinates would be great

          so when i import, it comes out as shown...

          it's obvious i get stuff done when i want ( as shown in the image )Click image for larger version

Name:	30725650_349932202181817_3514115479645978624_o.jpg
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          Originally posted by Aberiu View Post
          I thought I'd post some links to my works here.


          Changelist 1.0 -> 1.2:
          1) mostly rigging tweaks: thighs, shoulders, spine, ammo belt.
          2) also fixed a pair of odd shadows on the diffuse map.
          3) removed brackets and underscoring from the names for online compatibility.
          4) made a new portrait.
          5) fixed vertex weights on the left hand.

          Credit for the character model and textures goes to me.



          Changelist 2.0 -> 2.1:
          1) Moved the eyes to the body shader and added a reflection.
          2) Fixed the textures being assigned to wrong LODSETs.
          3) Added a fake fresnel reflection to the body shader (basically just a camera-space cubemap).
          4) Fixed eyebrows topology.
          5) Fixed a dependency issue with a cubemap being linked to Rocket's texture package.

          Credit for the character model and textures goes to me.



          Changelist 1.0 -> 2.0:
          1) The right hand;
          2) Specular mask is now less shiny and more detailed. Looks closer to the original renders.
          3) Added 4 team color support. Just in case - I've never actually seen anybody playing these gametypes.
          4) Moved her eyes to the body shader to avoid glitching caused by the transparent hair.
          5) Added a subtle ambient occlusion layer to the body texture.
          6) Added jefe's bio to the package.
          I have to say, I liked it a lot and I think I owe a thanks to him. Unfortunately I wasn't even subscribed to the forum thread back then so I discovered it a few years later.
          Thanks, jefe!

          Credit for the character model and textures goes to me.



          This is version 2 which was completely reworked, so no changelist.
          If you have the previous version installed you will need to remove these files:


          Credit for the character model goes to Epic Games.
          I just made the textures and changed the UV layout a bit.



          A simple invasion map with custom staticmeshes and textures, somewhat based on DM-TheEnd from the LDG Invasion server.

          Version 1 with sea skybox and green/orange colors:

          Download v1

          Version 2 with more rooms, winter skybox and red/black colors (video rendered with reshade):

          Download v2

          Unreal Christmas tree and weapon pickup bases

          A Christmas tree I originally made for the UT2004 servers.

          The package includes static meshes, texture files, three original UT2004 maps with the Christmas tree and a mutator replacing stock UT2004 pickup bases with gift boxes on any map.
          This is version 2 with no changelist because I lost it.

          The tree might be a bit laggy on older PCs, probably because of the amount of moving transparent textures (I didn't know how to make emitters back then, so the flames are a part of the tree staticmesh).
          I used to have 170 fps in the Christmas tree area on DM-Xmas-Grendelkeep on my PC (Core i7 2600k, GTX 560ti) which is pretty low compared to the usual 300-400 fps.

          Credit for the mutator goes to Meowcat, everything else made by me.


          Retextured Meowcat's jetpack

          Can be seen in action here:

          I just made the textures, everything else done by Meowcat.


          The map from the video above is also available for download here: DM-WaterCity


          DM-Ironic with more rooms for Invasion.


          This stuff is not for commercial use. However, if you want to use any parts of my mods to make your own skins/models/maps for UT2004, you are free to do it.
          Just don't forget to mention me in the credits.

          You can also find some WIP shots of my contributions to Ballistic Pro/TOWP here.
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            the best part is, even without the class files or any of the materials info,
            i'll be able to import this to ut99 by hand, the main lod, and the other 2 parts. wink-wink

            Click image for larger version

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              this is what i'm up to for today. you'll get full credit for your work.
              no i don't intend to use this to generate any kind of revenue or use it for personal profit.

              i'm just showing off, and doing my best to give peeps an alternative to epic and their lame mainstream ways.


                ^^^ banned (user bass3), i wonder what he did wrong... :P

                also, check out my ut99 lilian import....FLAWLESS.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	adadsadasdd.png Views:	0 Size:	807.8 KB ID:	407299
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                  i love you too, aberiu, you and meowcat are the bestest.
                  (one more thing to fix, meow meow!)

                  Click image for larger version

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                  Click image for larger version

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                  Click image for larger version

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                    some pointers on how to fix that hair would be helpful man, please... don't be a feralidragon, PLEASE , PLEASE...explain what i'm doing wrong, so i don't have to scour the script and experiment with multitexturing methods.
                    (i haven't tried mapping or using translucency yet, so i mean, no rush. i might solve it on my own)
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                      #lilian by #aberiu for #ut2004 / #ut2k4
                      #ut99 #import by #pagoeja
                      (2K resolution, 256 color assets)

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	256-colors-2kRES.png Views:	21 Size:	898.9 KB ID:	407513

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	faafaf3.png Views:	16 Size:	259.7 KB ID:	407514

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	dfsfsdfsdf3.png Views:	16 Size:	337.0 KB ID:	407515
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                        Hey Aberiu, can you reupload your Xmas Pack?..


                        Sorry, the Firefox's enhanced protection makes the site throw a 404 at you...
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                          Originally posted by (Sir)Bee View Post
                          Wow , superb , very nice . i love it ..
                          and ever since you guys run it on your server like you authored it. like silvermoon and many other meshes.

                          it's ok i'm moving the entire scene to my version of unreal, an amalgamation of (unreal)unreal tournament series


                            Originally posted by PAGOEJA View Post
                            it's me... that guy everyone defamed over in
                            now i'm getting places i don't hear people talking much anymore.
                            Nobody talks about you much anymore because you've been banned from virtually every single Unreal/UT site, as well as several other gaming sites and various social media.

                            You, though, talk about yourself incessantly... probably to make up for the fact no one pays much attention to you.

                            Frankly if your stuff was so good now you would've shared it with others and then people would talk about you for the great works you do, yet for some reason you continually refuse to do that... likely as it doesn't match the boasting you do about it.

                            Really, you kinda brought this on yourself.
                            Have you hugged a Skaarj today?



                              Hi all, long time and no see (like, 14 years). I've resurrected my themed Christmas server for my kid's LAN parties, since they are now old enough to appreciate some of the games dad used to play. I was looking for Aberiu's terrific looking xmas tree mutator he lists in the initial post, but the link appears to be dead and I can't locate it anywhere on the interwebs. If anyone has this and willing to send me a dropbox link or equivalent, I'd appreciate it. I PM'd him but not sure if he's active anymore. I doubt anyone here still remembers me or my themed servers, but it was fun pulling them from the mothballs and relearning how to do all of this again. It had been quite awhile, and the server browser doesn't show too many folks playing anymore. Anyways, my old nick appears to be dead (heard the old forums were compromised) so I reregistered - gimme a shout out if you're one of the old school guys from back in the days of Fat Jimmy's, NBS and Kush.


                                Amazing work