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Moloch Pack 5

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    Moloch Pack 5

    Moloch Pack 5

    Only new maps

    All maps written by Moloch - Michail 'Moloch' Lev*****o

    DM - Alien_Explorer(Alien_Explorer_Shub-Niggurath_Temple)
    DM - Cyberfuturism
    DM - Liandrium
    DM - Run-down_BackAlley(SF4 RC)
    DM - SpaceGalleon (Free remake(very free) classic ut map)
    DM - Tantra
    CTF - Alien_Explorer
    CTF - Cyberfuturism
    CTF - Crowded_Downtown(SF4 RC)
    CTF - Liandrium
    CTF - Tantra_Multiversum
    VCTF - Necrospace
    BR - Necrospace
    BR - Space Galleon_ElysiumDocks

    Requirement:Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 2.1 Titan pack

    Bombing Run Mod version 3.1 by Mark Caldwell

    Download Moloch Pack 5:


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    Man...thanks for this! I love your work...the maps from your other packs (Xeno, both Necrotanks, Gap, etc) are awesome. Such strange aesthetics to them makes them totally unique. What a pleasure to have new work from you. Frankly, I always wanted to chat with you, as I wondered what was going on in your head to make such darkly odd maps!

    Looking forward to playing these maps. Thanks again.

    Edit: Link to Bombing run 3.22 (link above is broken):

    Previous work from Moloch:

    Christcrusher Pack:
    Pack 2:
    Pack 3:
    Pack 4:

    And another link for Pack 5:
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      Thank you for your comment. my English is bad. Maps inspired first and foremost my own sick imagination, creativity Lovecraft and Giger. I am glad that you liked.


        thanks to author and carbon for their links!


          They look amazing, would be nice to have you making maps for UT4
          (I haven't got UT3 )


            Downloading now, these look sick!!! :O



              THX for letting me know m8. I've update my blog post

              Really awesome artwork (looking at the pics)!!!
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                Are you going to make some maps for UT4? Хотелось бы увидеть такое в UT4.


                  I don't know yet about ut4. I have some doubts about the new game. It's in pre-alpha stage. Her visual style is not very realistic. It's more like UT2004, Quake3, or Team Fortress. Maybe I'll come back later.
                  p.s I would be glad if I helped someone where you can give the link to my uploaded Maps.


                    Man, I cannot remember the last time I had this much fun running (and flying) around in empty maps before. Have you worked on games before? You are an awesome environmental artist! I love the creativity and attention to detail in your maps. The gigantic Translocator disks as wings on your Predator ship map are great. (Thanks for the extra links, [MENTION=7532]Carbon[/MENTION]). I love the dark, creepy, Gigeresque spaceship maps with the beautiful colliding galaxies, along with the alien landscapes and Lovecraftian themes. This is dark sci-fi unabashedly taken to an extreme which UT could use a little bit more of. Good stuff!

                    Great taste in music too, if I may add.

                    I understand your concerns regarding UT4's style. But hey, it's still early and we've only seen a handful of what Epic has done. Who knows what they're cooking up behind the scenes? Hopefully some dark, sinister themes are in the work, to contrast the ultra clean and colorful stuff we have now. Perhaps you could contribute to that in the future.


                      I added a link to the latest pack in my first reply. I will host them as long as I can with my Dropbox account (paid, so I have a lot of storage and a healthy transfer limit).

                      Moloch, I'm not sure what you mean in your p.s.? Sorry, I know English is hard. My Russian is zero.

                      These are really art, in the full sense of the word. Thanks again Moloch.

                      Edit: I know you do this work for free, but if there is any way to contribute to the development process, please let me (us?) know.
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                      My Unreal game collection. Unreal series screenshots (2560x1440)


                        I mean - can someone know the sites where you can give the link. I tried to upload to Mapraider, but it is unrealistic (error 2038).



                          This site isn't so well-known though.


                          "Skillz" is the host here. Good site. Active and well-known.


                          Good site. Active and well-known.


                          Again, good site and well-known.


                          Good site, pretty well-known.

                          For UT3, that's about all I know of. If you need any help, let me know and I'll do what I can.
                          My Unreal game collection. Unreal series screenshots (2560x1440)


                            Beautiful, just beautiful, U3 engine still looks great and this pack is the proof of it. The quality of these maps is impressive, I wonder whether the author is already working in the video game industry as a professional mapper.


                              Oh no. I am glad that someone so thought, but I am a regular fan of UT. I have some relevance to the art, but not for games. I just like the wacky, surreal art.