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    Skaa3z , Yes, I understand that the costumes options are difficult. This is not required. In DOA I have more than a hundred mods for each character, but not all are relevant in UT3. This jumpsuit looks great. A good choice. You mentioned UT2004 - did you make characters from UT2004 for UT3?
    P.S. Screenshot does not connect.


      I made many skins in 2013. But I did not have enough experience with bump maps. To create. And they are like 7 years of improvement. I would have to recreate. But I think DOA5LR is at its point, because of the DOA6 output. Approve the boom..

      With respect to DOA5. I'm going to make a new post. Not to be confused with Doom or quake does not paint. But use the same shader as nyx of A Champion. In the shading technique. . I will see how to make the mod UT3DOA5. In the style of ut2004. satin or shapirre. I'm thinking of a variant of 4 dresses. Alternatives


        Hey Skaa3z, I noticed a bug in this addon. The sound of the custom weapons is depended on the Ambiance Volume variable and not on SFX Volume. You can check it by setting the Ambiance Volume to 0 in the game and all standard weapons in the game will sound OK while all the custom weapons will be without sound at all. Probably, this is a bug in the UT 3 game. As far as I know all custom maps music is dependent on the Ambiance Volume as well not on the Music Volume. Is it possible to fix it?


          I really do not know how to fix the problem of sound. For the weapons. For some reason. The sound is independent of the game to the world (rotating map by the kismet). It's a pity that we do not have information about ue3 (ut3editor). But at this point. A mod is a mod. Unfortunately. Epic shot to the trash. ut3 and its past engines. Like they do not care to take care of the past as a relic. The radical change is very sad.

          While they left us abandoned. Not a remaster of unreal.
          Borderlands makes his remaster.
          Epic learns something from 2k. We want a remaster of Oldunreal u ut2004 or ut3.

          Epic games is the new valve. NO half life 3 No Unreal tournament saga


            I love this mod. Would it be possible to also port the Quake Champions super nailgun (the default blue colored model) ? I would love to have that in UT3. Thanks !

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              oh thanks for the compliment. If I have to adjust the mod. I'm working on an update.


                Skaa3z, Waiting with interest.


                  The railgun of champion was added and the pose of the railgun "q2 radiator" is corrected.

                  Weapons that are added. Railgun - Q2 Super Shotgun - Q4 Nail Gun - Q1 Super Nailgun - Q4 Rifle

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	UT3xQCxDMWP.jpg Views:	1 Size:	404.7 KB ID:	406095

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	QChampWp.jpg Views:	1 Size:	209.9 KB ID:	406096

                  I'm also studying. The programming and animation of the central line.
                  But from what I see in ut3. It can not be re-edited. Which I have to create 0 the animation with the original bones of iron arms in 3d max 2010 and it's a bit tedious. But theoretically it has to be equal to the borderlands iron 1. In the secondary aim.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	QChampWpRif.jpg Views:	1 Size:	178.0 KB ID:	406097

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                    DL Beta2 Ready to test


                      The mutator is not showing up in my mutator list. can you tell me what im doing wrong? i installed the file correctly but they arn't showing up


                        It is not a mutator. It is an addition of weapons. As the photo demo. You have to activate the "replace weapons" mutator and look for the weapons you want to replace with those of UT3.

                        In the mutator configurator