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    you know i've saw you use my actorx symbol inside your mods skaa3z, my exact design of it.

    that and you seem to like to stalk me and take ideas of mine for upcoming content, you can kindly FK OFF.


      I don't remember using a logo. Someone's. Simply the UnrealXActor was the same logo as UDN. Although that page is more than dead referring to a real engine 1 2 and 3. and I took it in 2011

      I'm still very upset. With epic. I leave the community of ut thrown. And we will see a ue5. That surely ue4. You will have the same destiny as udk. A happy ending.

      As for the mods. I already told you I have many ideas. But this takes time. I feel like something is missing. I am trying to compress data, simplify it and make it flashy. The event.

      NOTE : In demo ivdeo texture " Foor2b " texture and material " Wild Psyduck " TKBS.

      Then make a forge.
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        12:20 - "bFloor2". That is most definately my Texture, infact it is the exact same, including material.

        Umm thanks for claiming it as ur own?
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          TKBS It turns out that I saw this texture in toxikk and the same but in 4 dimensions in mirror edge catalyst.
          But it does not matter this is only a demo. I'm going to change it. So as not to have problems in the long run.

          then toxikk also took on that texture.

          Sorry if I offended you. Since I can't modify the video. I have withdrawn it. But at least I know who the other texture is.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Sin título.jpg Views:	0 Size:	332.9 KB ID:	409705

          I already made mine. So you don't have a problem.
          I made it to your reference. Because I liked the tone of the combined asphalt to the white tile.

          I give credit to the ut3 community.

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            The virus issue. What if an update is coming soon. Add more violence to the game.


            cooming zoon updatess


              New DLL ready


                BFG doesn't do a lot of damage to a boss but other than that it is a great addition and I like it really much! A redeemer replacement!
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                  dose this work anymore?


                    Originally posted by dantles View Post
                    dose this work anymore?
                    Yes, if Skaa3z wishes, this mod is beta so progress is always in the table. And I'm saying behalf of him cause I know the situation.
                    You can always download the mod now, you can always ask about issues. I'm pretty active myself and I make sure the mod plays well : )

                    I have done a few minor annoying fixes (on my end for now), they're not packed properly for distribution though. (since i'm not the owner of the project, make WP_DooMfix.u instead of overwriting WP_DooM.u whenever I find something to do on the current version of the project)
                    So I may upload something!
                    UT3 cuss words - UT2007 media ; M3K4 Nep/Tune @ |-|EAV