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UT3 Halo Master Chif Edition Canceled

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    [PROTOTYPE] UT3 Halo Master Chif Edition Canceled

    sorry post closed

    Thank you for suppor time to proyect mod for Unreal Tournament 3

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    Thank you for your amazing work. I downloaded and played it.

    Although I think that there are some things to improve, the content volume and quality is wonderful.
    Maps are beautiful. Weapons are cool. Vehicles are also great.
    Especially I like the huge airplane.
    I found a room in the airplane. I want to robbery the enemy flag by hiding flag carrier and many players in it.

    When the final release comes out, I would install absolutely these to my server.
    We look forward to future updates.
    Sorry about my poor English.


      Thanx, yea work more maps to fight maps ark

      halo 4 and five suit ready 60 armors suit aprox.
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        Woah just woah..... so much content at once is just awesome !
        There are some room for improvement here & there but the characters are amazing, maps are really cool, weapons beautiful & those vehicles.......

        Keep up the good work !


          Oh, there's so much to download! I will gradually upload it, then unsubscribe. Maybe it's better


   You can no longer download test data. Passed the transfer limit. No longer allow you, I think this is now for vip or private mode. Limited download and limited upload from last month mega came down and tube that use mediafire which is the safest at the moment. The new policy is bad. It's not like it was before.

            I'm already working on the update 3 reach new alexandria and halo 3 ark in agost


              I'll have a Dropbox mirror of the whole thing up ASAP. Thanks Skaa3z!

     it is. 4.3GB, one file.

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              My Unreal game collection. Unreal series screenshots (2560x1440)


                So here is a complete feedback on the Halo collection :

                General : This is just awesome ; like I sayed before it looks&plays good, GJ!

                Maps : No Blocking volume on floors, often need to jump, not always enough pickups & no recommended players num. Can I edit them ?

                Weapons : looks good but still some bugs, accuracy really bad (Assault & BR). a weap to replace each original one would be good (with a link & avril replacement)

                Vehicles : Looks amazing but don't always play that way..... A replacement for each vehicle style could be great. (missing a scorpion/paladin, a raptor & a manta)

                Characters : They really look good, GJ ; females spartans are just males with females voices. Why not make working teamcolors ?

                So a few minor bugs but a really solid halo collection, keep up the good work !

                PS : Only Red texts are "importants" bugs.


                  PS : Only Red texts are "importants" bugs reference to upload 3 " new alexandria and onisword slayer or bunkerword "


                    There is also an opinion from me.
                    Weapon graphics are very very nice. The beauty of appearance is comparable to the Crucible Weapons for me.
                    On the other hand, the sloppiness of some weapon motion is noticeable.

                    I think that if the graphics of weapons are general quality, it does not matter much even weapon motion is odd.
                    But the graphics of these weapons are too amazing.
                    So it would be nice to create a motion suitable for this graphics quality.

                    And the other one, I noticed that the trajectories of some beams were unnaturally broken.

                    It will be more beautiful to fix this.

                    If further say, although this is my preference (not related to graphics),
                    I want more uniqueness to the attack method of each weapon.
                    I want more practical differences between the normal weapons.

                    Of course, "just a cool looking weapons" is sufficiently great.
                    However, if possible, I think that each weapons should be more unique in practical use.
                    That would be more fun when these weapons fight against normal weapons.
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                    Sorry about my poor English.


                      Yes work in progress ,Thank to support.

                      Coming zoon more maps...


                        Hi, maybe im missing something, but I try and use the XS vehicle replacement mut for changing the vehicles to the Halo ones from this mod, but no Halo vehicles show up as possible replacements??? Also... upon trying to configure a mod called 'MT vehicle Replacer' in the active mutators menu my game crashes. Any help getting the halo vehicles in-game? Thx


                          I have no information on the XS vehicle replacement mod, but if you call an INI script the problem is that it is not well declared the matrix to which it calls

                          Call VH_HaloAdd.u " ClassName=VH_HaloAdd.UTVehicle_Name_Content "



                          Original tank ut3

                          UTVehicle_Goliath_Content UTUIDataProvider_Vehicle]

                          Mod Halo Tank

                          [UTVehicle_Scorpiontank UTUIDataProvider_Vehicle]

                          VehiclesToReplace=(OldClassName="UTVehicle_Cicade_Content",NewClassPath= "VH_HaloAdd.UTVehicle_AV22_Content")
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                            Okay, got it all working just fine by adding them all to the XS vehicle replacer ini. Thx so much for that! Also, just wondering: are you planning on updating this mod every now and then? Noticed bugs with vehicles, no animations for weapons and poor bot support for both. Be glad to stress test anything for you and report back if you do release updates. Just hoping you are, as this kinda completes a hope for a halo mod I have wished for since UT3 was released lol. Thx again!

                            Anyone using the XS vehicle set replacer mod, here is the modified ini, so you can easily add the Halo mod's vehicles into your matches just by replacing them in the mutator:
                            Just drop into your Config folder in UT3 docs and overwrite the default one.
                            -Requires you to have the XS Vehicle Set Replacement Mod-
                            -That mod can be found here:
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                              If in October an update is launched with new maps and some CTF / VCTF .

                              remake death island. so more detail here UT3-Halo-project-save: