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UT3 Halo Master Chif Edition is here

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    Any improvements to animations/vehicle control and AI support in near future? Might be able to look at Halo 5 Forge on PC to get a good reference for the animations(not sure if it's legal to rip them, even though it's a free game).

    Also... dont speak Spanish, but I get the idea lol. Looks great, man!
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      tyrantkyng Halo 5 uses huge data greater than 10GB and uses directx12, which is impossible to port to ut3 dx12 models. It can hardly stand some dx11 with the high-quality support crotafuegos but it diminishes the performance in dual core equipment.

      Ready updata 2. "look 2018 abril " links

      New alexandria full, oni sword slayer, bunquerworld + CTF, chilloutflood, death island + CTF , blackwash, cartograf islands + interiors, caƱon melt dawn.
      mech play in death island cartograf map. Collaboration RumpleLab
      now wip work covenant characters assets . Agust.

      The proyect full size 10GB, I could add more content, but I think that at the moment we already have a great stuff of halo ut3 port.

      uf man 10-13-2016 create ut3 halo . And 2014 old forum epic realsed. so... 4 year work a mod.

      I thank those who support me with the idea.
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        All the links you've provided work, however, there are two that seem to refuse to connect.

        Mediafire gives me an server error and tries to restart the downloads infinitely.


          check it and it works. You can use a download manager like jdownloader. Maybe the exoteric chrome or firefox. it blocks you for some unknown reason.


            Links for both the updated project and the Halo char.

            My Unreal game collection. Unreal series screenshots (2560x1440)