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What is the effect of "Disable Seamless Loading" in WebAdmin?

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  • What is the effect of "Disable Seamless Loading" in WebAdmin?

    Hi, I found the option "Disable Seamless Loading" in WebAdmin of UT3.
    WebAdmin --> Settings --> Administration --> Disable Seamless Loading "Yes"
    What is the effect of this?

    Normally this option was "NO". Now, I tried changing it to "YES".
    And then, If this is not my misunderstanding,
    This has removed the freezing of first loading of The Crucible MOD.
    And, this also removed Galtanors Invasion 's little freezing at additional monster spawn.

    This is just making me happy for now.
    But I am worried about something bad effect.
    Does this cause some kind of non-happy effect?
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    Sorry about my poor English.

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    The option has a description in the tooltips.
    Disable seamless loading of the next map. When seamless loading is disabled, clients are forced to reconnect to the server.
    tl;dr: It's only for the loading transition into the next level/map not for the content streaming. It can effect some loading mechansim of mutators loading external content at the wrong "place" (/time).

    The description is kinda misleading. No client is "forced to reconnect". With the option to disable seamless travel, a client only FULLY LOADS the next map (as he would when manually disconnecting and re-connecting). This "absolute travel" includes the loading screen. The seamless travel keeps a connection of the net player and the in-game menu (with some other stuff) to allow clients being able to faster load the next map and also keep the chat active etc.. The side effects with seamless travel is/was that some mutators don't properly re-act on such map travel and don't clean themselves up. Most of the admins falsely claim that the seamless travel is broken but to be specific, the system was workign well but some mutator didn't work well. This resulted into several admins disabled seamless travel. For a player there's no real bad effect having having seamless travel disabled. Personally I keep the option off.
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      Thank you my savior! Your detailed description is very helpful.
      My server is filled with many custom Mutators and custom game modes now.
      So "keep the option off" may be more advantageous for me.
      From now on I will leave "Disable Seamless Loading" as "YES".
      Sorry about my poor English.