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Reinstalling Steam version

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    Reinstalling Steam version

    I bought UT3 on Steam in 2013. I have the Black edition. I want to reinstall.

    At one point when I had the game installed I copied what I thought were all the relevant folders to another drive. I still have them. Including the stuff from My Documents. I just ran the UT3.exe from that usb drive and looks like it started the game. I exited when it got to the screen asking for the key (I do have my key, btw). Can I copy all those files to my internal drive and run it from there? Will Steam recognize that it's installed? Where would it leave me in the complicated installation thing? I have UT3-Patch5 and UT3SteamPatchGS_21 files. I don't think I ever made a new account after Gamespy ended but I might have installed that patch.

    Should I just forget it and download it from Steam again? 10 gigs is a lot but it's no biggy really.