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    Thank you, MolochX !
    Actually, I understand you more now that sometimes some things are not that easy to implement even when you have a great idea. The first two compilations were made in a couple of hours easily. However, the third one, with the titans - I remade it like 3-4 times despite the fact that it is just a simple sketch for fun.
    There was an idea but it was difficult to figure out how to put all the stuff together. I hope you enjoyed it.

    Here is another one:
    Buried underwater the ancient temple was said to be a door to the secrets of the universe. Now it's time for the travelers to discover its ruins.

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      You are good at picking up music. You feel this music and understand what it expresses. Perhaps it makes sense to think about a longer work with the condition of the scenario component. A script and a specific plot on a topic. If you need to add something - I could make additional elements. But you need a script and a clear understanding of the idea. I think you should succeed.


        Thank you for your support, MolochX!

        I am planning to make 4-5 more compilation videos - there are some ideas I'd like to share. They will be short. I don't feel like I can make a long video while keeping it interesting now. Inspiration is required for long videos - I mean meaningful long videos. And music as well... It is very hard to find a catchy long ambient track.

        These compilations are sort of a recollection of your previous works (with new insertions, new athmosphere) of something that was forgotten and not restored. For inspiration? As an idea for a remake? Probably... but it is of course up to you. Anyway, I enjoyed creating them.

        A long video is possible in case there is something very original that will catch my eye. I will even dust my full HD TV off to make a video sharp.
        Perhaps several new maps from you?
        However, it should be something dark and strange. "Strange" is a good word here. It's when you don't even know whether you like it or not.

        I can give you some sort of a script:
        A creature growing inside an alien womb - devourer of black matter.
        This creature is amorphous. It does not have distinct shape.
        It is surrounded by polyps that look like fungi which have small black holes at the top of them.
        I can imagine a lot of fractals and dark biomass around it.

        Sounds crazy, right?
        I think books on biology and medicine along with pictures and videos on fractals can be a great source.
        The maps show the lyfecycle of this creature - different enviroments, different stages of evolution - there is no actual sense, it is more like a philosophical concept.
        Remember Kim Ki-duk movies?

        Well, new videos are comming. Stay tuned!


          Biological phantasms are very difficult to implement, and is it worth it? I liked the uncertainty in your video, the metaphysical presentation, which, coupled with the music, gave the effect of a serious work. It can be something more than banal fantasy and you can do it, you have the ability to perceive it. Modern " science " fiction too relies on fabulousness, momentary effects. Obviously, only large, distinctive figures such as Giger, Zawadski, Lovecraft, Heidegger are of value.


            Through the forest in the high mountains, down the river into the catacombs of the lost city - forbidden world. Something's lurking deep inside - a part of the ritual that keeps this biomechanical city alive.

            (it looks like YouTube codecs do not like particular colors so some parts of the video were badly compressed)


              It laid some eggs. Soon the airborne spores will be scattered through space.


                Another cosmic disaster. A prequel to my first spaceship video.


                  Dead city


                    Larva part 2
                    Its spores reached a planet with favorable conditions.
                    Their toxins caused the greenhouse effect.