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    MolochX maybe in the future. DOA5LR is an interesting proposal. But the problem is how to focus the material. And more with the dark maps.

    I'm thinking how to continue with the mod. But apparently I'm not the only one who thought about that franchise. while everyone climbs to fortnite io battle royale. A Chinese mod. Increase sales of Call of duty black ops 3 "Neptunia ops 3" . And neptunia on board in ut2004 in 2014. I could say that unreal tournament is failing. and it may end up like a paragon. it is very sad. but epic games. It is not so epic anymore. It loads all your franchises.

    unreal 1 ( dead ) , try ( example doom, quake or serious sam, they remastered the old school.
    jazzjack rabbit ( dead )
    unreal tournament 2004/UT3 black edition ... ( dead )
    Gear of war ( it stops being epic when you bought it microsoft )
    bulletstorm ( it will end up as unreal 1 )
    Paragoon ( dead )
    UT4alpha ( incomplete )
    RoboRecal VR ( )
    fornite ( It's not bad game. But if it ends up as minecraft )

    the battle royale. It is a passing fad. But a game like it was UT can last for years if it is kept cool.

    I suspended the mod, because I am studying, analyzing the direction this will take. I like the variety and it is absurdly funny.
    epic games was one of the games that took the mod to another level. and now it's being last. And the one who won the battle of the mod was call of duty black ops 3

    epic games is not interested in an anime style at all. I'm just looking for the closest thing to pixar. ( overwach or tema forcess 2)

    They won you epic games. And it was the call of duty . I will take a few days to see how to innovate.

    and that reminds me that many ut college went to quake champions. why. mmm starts with F _ _ N _ _ E.


      I like anime figures in UT3!
      Only the poor gals could wear more armors.
      Maybe some could use parts of original charas?
      GOod STUff HERe <<


        I have many ideas, but little time to project them. IF I am studying some improvements in the armors.
        This mod. Is something special. Since we have the full set, costumes, voices, sand maps and ... promises. As I said before, it's very fun. And crazy. And the variedad is wide.

        New Deviantart acount,

        Render external maps 3MB size

        Render external maps 3MB size