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UT3 Mod Hyperdimension Neptunia Invasion / BSP Maps PreBeta

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	NepVIINepgear_Chirper.PNG Views:	0 Size:	21.9 KB ID:	408955
    change of plans, actually 4 vids now..! i just cant wait

    UPDATES> that i've made; Youtube just implemented Chapters!! and oh my god that's super exciting so i'm now abusing it as you're about to see (edit: ho, you cant see them from here epicgames so straight to youtube you go)
    > I've also decorated the video titles > and in the pinned comment below you can see timestamps for highlights of my favorite moments, this also now applies to the previous videos so if you don't mind you can check them out again for that!

    so back to business..!

    Now the next 5 will be last! 8+5/13
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      Click image for larger version  Name:	NepVIIBlack_Heart_Chirper.PNG Views:	0 Size:	40.6 KB ID:	409093
      downloadddd below.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	star.png Views:	13 Size:	2.7 KB ID:	409017CLICK HERE Click image for larger version  Name:	star.png Views:	16 Size:	2.7 KB ID:	409016
      NOTE: please seek for the \HyperdimensionNeptuniaBSP folder and remove the old DM and CTF maps because this update here doesn't replace them!

      Click image for larger version  Name:	NepVIINoire_Chirper.PNG Views:	15 Size:	49.4 KB ID:	409018You heard it! Now to sum things up-

      This is now the table of contents
      Click image for larger version  Name:	cool.png Views:	13 Size:	326.9 KB ID:	409019

      Some maps had name changes from my research
      These are:
      Blocks -> Pixels
      -> Beach Resort
      Cyber Tunel
      -> Cyberspace
      -> Marshland
      -> Gamecademi Garden
      Garden Rooms
      -> Gamecademi Rooms

      Hexaworld is Blockworld but it is too cool i didn't change it

      > And well.. That does that! I actually―see top of the table―gave my personal star rating to ALL the maps, my least favorites being Beach Resort and Pixels by the way they play in a game like Unreal Tournament, but I can't blame to that! it is a BETA after all
      Personally―see the 5 star maps―some of them are the best of the best in UT3, like Tech Labs, it is the BEST MAP for INVASION i played EVER, it may suck in Deathmatch but Skaa3z said some maps work really well in this Invasion gametype, usually most UT3 maps are built for Deathmatch but this one smacks them out in this other category
      So Fun Fact the whole PURPLE ATTACK playlist was done in April 7th in exception of Tech Labs in April 12th, i just recently got the grasp of that one!

      > Now answering potential questions:
      yes I use an i3 that should tell you enough about the video framerate
      I went aggressive with the gameplay so you have noticed a modded Titan mutator in most videos―you can see the mutator list in the first @.I/13 episode―, in exception of Marshland where I used Runestorm's The Crucible mod and Tech Labs because it is so much fun already! I BLOODY LOVE IT!!
      This is also mostly by the fact that the music stops to AMBIENT if you stay in place so you wanna kill as fast as possible otherwise the playlist resets and it plays back from the start, I fixed that in some maps for INVASION that really needed it (SHUFFLE mode), so for the challenge you can be aggressive for this reason.
      That is it,
      thanks a lot to Skaa3z for this fantastic UT3 mod
      I now may go , see ya and happy playing!
      and late\early Easter to the Westerns\Easterns out there!

      - HEAV
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        You have been busy.
        the gaming experience tells me. That this is not what I want for ut3. There's a reason beta. Take data and see what is done.
        I'm on a cross fire. Since I am half the time with the materials or mappings. And another time with the characters and sets.


          How do I get the characters to run in the game? Plus when I install the maps, I fall to my death in black void when spawning, any fix to this?


            It is probably wrongly installed.

            Published = UT3Game

            UnPublished = UT3Editor

            Install packs : " If you don't have this folder you have to create it "

            C:\Users\*****\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published
            And Characters

            C:\Users\******\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomChars
            Your need Edit Customchar.ini

            C:\Users\PFK\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config
            Copy line customchar.txt all lines and paste in Customchar.ini

            UTCustomChar_Data Scriptin U Relace


            Hyperdimension neptune beta ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


            Characters=(CharName="Neptune",Description="<Strings:>",CharID="Nepnep",bLocked="false",Faction="Ironguard",PreviewImageMarkup="<Images:Hyperdimensionnep.Textures.NepID>",CharData=(FamilyID="NEP",HelmetID="A",HeadID="A",TorsoID="A",ShoPadID="A",bHasLeftShoPad=false,bHasRightShoPad=false,ArmsID="A",ThighsID="A",BootsID="A"),AIData=(Tactics=0.5, StrafingAbility=1.0, Aggressiveness=0.3, Accuracy=0.9,CombatStyle=0.5,FavoriteWeapon="UTGame.UTWeap_Eforce"))