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UT3 Mod Hyperdimension Neptunia Invasion / BSP Maps PreBeta

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    ​​​​Hey, i'm Skaa3w's big fan yet again with an announcement! ​ With a year and a half of UT3 modding experience thanks to my buddies!


    [2018] UT3 Neptunia Maps BetaMOD.7z --- *Base files by Skaa3z, Repacked by me for easier use and with necessary files.
    Super Neptunia Super Optimization.7z --- Enjoy 134 Tracks from Neptunia, and a huge performance Boost! By me, M3K4 |-|EAV

    Details about the Soundtrack and more info the other Tabs:
    Have fun!
    - HEAV
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    Post removed in favor of the 2021 Neptunia Update!
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    It is probably wrongly installed.

    Published = UT3Game

    UnPublished = UT3Editor

    Install packs : " If you don't have this folder you have to create it "

    C:\Users\*****\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published
    And Characters

    C:\Users\******\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomChars
    Your need Edit Customchar.ini

    C:\Users\PFK\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config
    Copy line customchar.txt all lines and paste in Customchar.ini

    UTCustomChar_Data Scriptin U Relace


    Hyperdimension neptune beta ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Characters=(CharName="Neptune",Description="<Strings:>",CharID="Nepnep",bLocked="false",Faction="Ironguard",PreviewImageMarkup="<Images:Hyperdimensionnep.Textures.NepID>",CharData=(FamilyID="NEP",HelmetID="A",HeadID="A",TorsoID="A",ShoPadID="A",bHasLeftShoPad=false,bHasRightShoPad=false,ArmsID="A",ThighsID="A",BootsID="A"),AIData=(Tactics=0.5, StrafingAbility=1.0, Aggressiveness=0.3, Accuracy=0.9,CombatStyle=0.5,FavoriteWeapon="UTGame.UTWeap_Eforce"))

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    How do I get the characters to run in the game? Plus when I install the maps, I fall to my death in black void when spawning, any fix to this?

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    You have been busy.
    the gaming experience tells me. That this is not what I want for ut3. There's a reason beta. Take data and see what is done.
    I'm on a cross fire. Since I am half the time with the materials or mappings. And another time with the characters and sets.

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    downloadddd below. ( see 2021 Update )

    You heard it! Now to sum things up-

    This is now soundtrack DATABASE!


    That is it,
    thanks a lot to Skaa3z for this fantastic UT3 mod
    I now may go , see ya and happy playing!
    and late\early Easter to the Westerns\Easterns out there!

    - HEAV
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    change of plans, actually 4 vids now..! i just cant wait

    UPDATES> that i've made; Youtube just implemented Chapters!! and oh my god that's super exciting so i'm now abusing it as you're about to see (edit: ho, you cant see them from here epicgames so straight to youtube you go)
    > I've also decorated the video titles > and in the pinned comment below you can see timestamps for highlights of my favorite moments, this also now applies to the previous videos so if you don't mind you can check them out again for that!

    so back to business..!

    Now the next 5 will be last! 8+5/13
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    Ah right! What is better than having actual gameplay flowing around to show the pals?
    Welcome the PURPLE ATTACK playlist!
    Covering 13 of the beta maps
    (by Skaa3z's contributions!)
    in an Unique Unreal flavor

    Two more posts will follow, which in the end I will provide a link to an update to the maps now with a Dynamic Soundtrack to enjoy; instead of.. uh, nothing, not even the wind; the main reason of why I started all of this in the first place (hehe)

    Next 5 very soon!
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    @. @ what I'm telling you. Since the mods are beta. Everything can change. At the moment I don't focus on maps. I am experimenting.
    The neptunia mod is a resounding failure. Because it is not the same as the original head model. And nptunia fans are frustrated by that. The bad news is that I can't keep track of the maps, the monsters, and the characters. If you want to edit the map you can do it. Anyway, I have other priorities. I will have to redo the custom char of 0. But this time I want to do it with another approach. What comes up.

    The advantage of this is that. I will add more quality and variety. But it takes time.

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    That's a different limit but I've tinkered with that as well! man that's true the game goes up to 4 GBs! and i have a 8 GB laptop :P

    By the way Skaa3z I sent you a message regarding the way I publish my mod for Neptunia, letting you know a few major gameplay flaws that i can include fixes along with the soundtrack addition.
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    The character limit is modified in UTGame.ini and UTEngine.ini

    I don't remember where it was. But the ut3 limit is 32bots and 16 customchars.ini. However ut3 can call 255 Bots. (The maximum limit is 256). The problem is that if we force 255 bots (custom char MODS), the game will jerk because when it reaches 32. The other bots will be iron guard (until loading the 255). Which he does while playing and hitting. Between you play and load. I did it once. To experiment it gives bad results. On computers less than 4gb of ram.


    MaxCustomChars=32 // MaxCustomChars=64 ( load and played = max 255

    Console Add 64 bots.

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    I have bad news, there is a characters limit and your game will always crash if you come to a point of having lots of them
    Like Egyptian Warlords and the rest of the cast from RuneStorm The Crucible in exception of the Saviors; i had to remove them

    here have a better reference of where i got at (i think i will wipe out the Warhammer ones i never use them )

    Note when you've got a lot of characters, you can still install more without crashing, but YOU NOW CANNOT ADD ALL OF THEM AT ONCE or it overloads, put each character individually.
    leave the 'Parts' section alone>> only the lines starting with 'Characters'—they do the load/optimize package process—, so you add a couple or one by one.

    and in more extreme cases, add part to part for the individual character. and well, in the end leave what you like most!

    EDIT: can't assume how much you know but for each mod with chars, sometimes come with a UTCustomChar.ini inside Published/CookedPC/CustomChars/, not Config/UTCustomChars.ini !, always delete those files after you have opened your game and loaded the characters.
    because once you delete them from the Config folder>> they come back!! so kill that one source of possible problems
    #knowyourgame <3

    EDIT2: #knowmore >> Dunno how much organizing helps but here's a look of my UTCustomChars file. i've organized the Parts and Characters in separate sections
    1=From the Base Game \ 2=the New super cool ones that we look for! \ 3=Parts section for those cool characters \ 4=Parts for the base game characters—not so important

    so one of my advices, albeit a little advanced is removing the extra characters so you can fit the ones you want.. maybe.. i hope something does it for you.
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    Hey... Can you help me to how to get more characters on UTCustomChar.ini. my UT3 Black not work at all, can you show me a video or pic for getting a success.

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    The fun has just started for me; the assembly part!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	rawr2.PNG
Views:	207
Size:	862.3 KB
ID:	408493

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    Alright! I'm done with the 18 maps Soundtrack; a little more time in final packaging and that's about it
    Albeit I have 9/18 stingers—kill & killing spree sounds—done for maps as of this date of post

    Here's a 2nd preview and my favorite, the hottest map in my opinion
    I wanted it with the most stomping stingers and tracks, almost fulfilling the missing "HOLY ****" announcer

    I think I went too far with the settings.. lol

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