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Moloch Pack 2018

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    Moloch Pack 2018

    Moloch map pack 2018

    Moloch Pack 2018
    Maps written by Moloch

    Map list:
    DM-Air_Future ( Keeper of the Skycity – 2)
    BR-Bloodyhazard (based on Epicgames map)

    Requirement:Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 2.1 Titan pack

    Bombing Run Mod version 3.1 ( and higher ) by Mark Caldwell
    Release: April 2018


    Last edited by MolochX; 04-07-2018, 10:14 PM.

    My final map pack for Unreal Tournament 3.
    In the future (in connection with a new activity) only other versions of old maps or alterations are possible. I thank everyone for their patience and attention.


      Once again, thank you. Incredible work...absolutely unmatched in ingenuity, innovation and design. While I'm sad to hear that this is your final archive, I think I can understand how you might feel. But, never say might feel the urge one day!

      Thanks again Moloch.
      My Unreal game collection. Unreal series screenshots (2560x1440)


        MolochX, thank you very much for your work. I predicted that this pack will be your last work for UT3 but I thought you would include more maps in this mappack. Anyway keep going, make your own game or implement your ideas on modern engines. Unreal Tournament 3 is dead and there is no way to turn it back and this mappack is like a nail to its coffin.
        I'll check the maps asap and I hope I manage to make previews of them.
        Keep in touch. Show us your further projects.

        PS. Please fix Mega link. You didn't give away the public key to us. Also please fix description - you didn't add Hyperblast.
        And where is the remake of Christcrusher?
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          e1vp WatH ? that, unreal is not dead, no classic dies. Maybe it's suspended for a while. But the mods or addons make it richer. Like the Gmod case. More than today modern games seek to exploit an idea. and They forget to explore other borders. I could say that just as UT3 is asleep. Borderlands 1 among others if new content is created, most migrate for memories of games that do not have bugs or problems of remdimentos. To enjoy those times.


            e1vp, link and description are corrected. Now it is unlikely that something new will come out. Perhaps I will eventually convert other maps. Now there is no time.
            The advantage of Unreal games is the presence of an editor in them and the possibility of active transformations. Many games are alive thanks to user additions, for example, Skyrim.

            Regarding the death of UT3 ... I have many acquaintances who still play in UT99 and UT 2004. There are people who play the first Doom. Everything is relative.
            Last edited by MolochX; 04-07-2018, 10:35 PM.


              Some time after touching your new maps...

              I started acquaintance with your works from Moloch Pack 3 in 2013 I guess and tried your previous works at that time.
              Being not a big fan of Black Metal music and vast, unpolished, unbalanced maps with random items placement
              I thought that these works were cheap because I'd tried lots of community maps before and I'd seen much better.
              But I felt that there was something about your maps and I don't know how to explain it, some zest.

              Act I:
              Then in 2016 there came Moloch Pack 5
              And you'd improved a lot. This was the point where your works went professional.
              SpaceGalleon, Alien_Explorer, Liandrium, Tantra ...
              I was struck by the design and atmosphere of those maps.
              Sometimes I used to play through some of them and chill.
              I started digging your previous works again and began seeing them with new eyes.
              Some Black Metal bands are cool, right?

              Act II:
              Moloch2016November Pack and MolochPack 6
              These ones were masterpiece. I got sucked into some maps for hours, admiring its architecture and dark music.
              Hyperanormous, Annihilator, Black_Bird_Of_Pnakt, Currum_De_Nodenti, Erebus, PredatorTank, Progressor ...
              I began to listen to Black Metal music...

              Act III:
              Moloch Pack 2018
              Most Unreal Tournament fans may find gem here.
              Biomechanical_Larva, Moloch_XE ...
              Playing these I got goosebumps. Brilliant work. Huge respect to the great 3d artist.

              MolochX, your works mean a lot for me and I suppose for many UT fans.
              You did immense job. Wish you all the best. Thank you very much.
              For those who are interested in such an art I'd recommend checking these painters:
              H. R. Giger, Zdzisław Beksiński, Wayne Barlowe, Daniele Valeriani, Kuldar Leement, Max Bedulenko, Alex Kozhanov, Julian Faylona, Adam Burn, Aeron Alfrey, Hieronymus Bosch
              Note that works of most above mentioned are not for many and have explicit content, so you were warned!
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                Walkthrough of these incredible maps:

                DM-Air_Future [Keeper of the Skycity – 2]









                  I love your maps, Moloch. Your creativity with the dark sci-fi and surreal themes is amazing. It's truly a great pleasure to simply run around and explore your creations. Thank you for making them and releasing them to the public. I wish you well in all your future artistic endeavors; and if you come back to UT, make sure to let us know!

                  Now, would someone be able to provide an additional mirror for this pack? I tried downloading it from both links in the OP, yesterday and today, but I get the same error: "Can not open file [...] as archive."


                    I love the creativity of those maps, GJ. but I like gameplay more so, probably not gonna use them much, just from time to time to get my mind blown.


                      «MechikTåj», all the links seem to work fine. Try and use different browser maybe.
                      Here is another link (All Moloch's maps):


                      Also try 2 combined mutators PC Normal version MutateSpec_v0.6b and Spectator Helper for better experience


                        Carbon, you forgot to include Unknown Moloch Maps (old maps that were released in 2016)




                          Thanks so much guys! I still got the same error... lol but looks like it was the usual Windows BS that was keeping me from opening those archives. I don't know wtf I just did to fix it, but it works now, I guess. Will try out the new maps after work tonight! Cheers!