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MOD idea :"Custom skins with custom weapons" as monsters for invasion.

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    MOD idea :"Custom skins with custom weapons" as monsters for invasion.

    UT3 has many wonderful skins and custom weapons.
    However, I think that they are not played enough. (Especially custom skins.)
    It would be better to make better use of these wonderful MOD resources.

    Previously, I requested redirect system of skins. But it seems technically difficult and people are not very interested in it.

    So I devised another method.
    It is to use custom skins as invasion's monster.
    It is just like this.

    These skins are successfully redirected on my server and appear as a monster. So, all visitors can see these skins.
    I think this is very effective use of the custom skins.
    All UT3 custom skins should be converted into monsters like this!

    However, in that case, it would be troublesome to program attack methods and attack motions etc for all monsters.
    So now, it is time to utilize another UT3 MOD resource.
    Let's use custom weapons as a monster attack method.(To appear the monsters with a custom weapons.)
    Several custom weapon's attack methods are very unique and elaborate.
    Sometimes they are too strong as human weapons, but they may be the best for monsters' weapons.

    Also, when a monster dies, they should occasionally drop their custom weapons.
    It is the real pleasure of monster hunt, and it delights custom weapon lovers.

    This plan should be interesting and effective use of forgotten resources.
    It will be economical and efficient. Someone please do it.
    Sorry about my poor English.