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    [PROTOTYPE] UT3 Weapons UT4ue4 V3

    Well are all the weapons of ue4, with this ut3 is more pleasant.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	UT3UE4.jpg Views:	1 Size:	307.4 KB ID:	400719

    Remplace weapons ( selected )



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    Skaa3z, Thank you very much for your work! Tomorrow I will play with this weapon.


      Great job! I'll try them as well. I Can't promise they will make our server. As our server is a VCTF server and if the Weapons are not properly balanced against Vehicles then it may not play well for us.
      Running the Mega Hub for everyone to enjoy!


        Issue with Lighting Gun ...after pickup the invisibility expires
        only half of the weapon Material returns to proper material.
        Running the Mega Hub for everyone to enjoy!


          Sseexyy - i only wish someone could have some glossy mod for the old characters .. .
          GOod STUff HERe <<


            Can you show a capture? maybe some material. He did not compile well and he could repair it in upk apart from a few mb, the damage in the vehicles has to work and that failure was corrected in the previous resion

            Well I guess, the idea is to reactivate ut3.

            Here UC:

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              Hi, I am installing this MOD and some of your MODs to my UT3 game server.
              But there is a problem.

              I could not convert some large upk files into uz3 files for redirects.

              I am using this tool to create uz3 files.

              I suspect that the cause of this problem is the file size of the package.
              Because all the files that failed to convert were very large sizes. (1GB or more.)

              I failed to convert these three files.
              U4E_UDKCont.upk (1.00GB) (Not included in this MOD)
              U4e_HaloForges.upk (1.27GB) (Not included in this MOD)
              UE4_Weapons.upk (1.33GB)

              Perhaps large upk files may not be able to convert to uz3 files.
              For your reference, the largest size of the upk file that succeeded in conversion was 675 MB.

              Please tell me if there is a way to convert large upk file to uz3.
              If it does not exist, please reduce the file size in the next update.
              Thank you.
              Sorry about my poor English.


                the weapons are not linked ( custom maps )
                a U4E_UDKCont.upk (1.00GB) (Not included in this MOD)
                U4e Halo Forges.upk (1.27GB) (Not included in this MOD)

                what is uz3 ?


                  I understand that.
                  The upk file related to this weapon MOD is only UE4_Weapons.upk. The other two are irrelevant to this weapon MOD.
                  I just cited those two as a reference to suggest a problem that "large file sized packages can not be converted to uz3 files".

                  .uz3 files is compressed ".u", ".upk", ".ut3" files.

                  When "a player who does not install MOD manually" visits a game server containing MODs,
                  If there are uz3 files on the redirect server,
                  Players can automatically download MOD files at high speed.
                  Sorry about my poor English.


                    Oky, I'm going to study that. The problem is the quality of the 4k and 2k textures. In the case of HaloForges. What size in mb is recommended for the UZ3?


                      According to my experience, the maximum file size of UZ3 is 433 MB now. (U4E_UTechSicfi.upk.uz3)

                      433 MB is in the state after compression. (.uz3)
                      The file size of upk before compression is 675 MB.
                      So, although it is tentative, the recommended size of upk for uz3 is 675 MB or less.

                      I am looking forward to playing your MODs on my server with friends. Thank you.
                      Sorry about my poor English.


                        I do not succeed I have to rebuild the upk by separating them in half. It was a failure. I'm not going to give up. I know that UT3 is a jewel that was not polished. UT3 requires another approach. I'm looking for new ideas. improvising in the march.


                          Skaa3z my man, I have a question for you: Is it possible to get these sweet weapons as individual files? You know, without having to download the whole package. I just want to try the Pulse Rifle and the Flak Cannon.
                          Looking forward to your reply.


                            okay I will see how to compress and cut data.


                              I know this is kinda old post now but.. What the hell is FPS Gun? I can't find any info about it anywhere whatsoever. Can anyone tell me what it does or anything?