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Moloch Temple Of Demigod Pack

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    Moloch Temple Of Demigod Pack

    Remastered of the old Christcrusher map.
    All maps are completely rebuilt.
    The size of the playing territory is reduced by half.
    Completely redone the lighting, materials and stuff.
    Added a new map - Origin (this is the re-creation of my very first map, not previously published) in two versions - DM and VCTF.

    Temple Of Demigod Pack 2018
    Maps written by Moloch

    Map list:
    DM-CHR-Temple Of Demigod
    DM-CHR-Temple Of Demigod_Future
    DM-CHR-Temple Of Demigod_Origin
    DM-CHR-Temple Of Demigod_Precursor
    VCTF-CHR-Temple Of Demigod_Origin

    Requirement:Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 2.1 Titan pack
    Release: July 2018


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    Moloch! What a gift! Thanks for your work, as always. I look forward to checking these out. Cheers!

    Direct download:
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      Carbon, thank you!


        Thanks for your work! I can't keep up with you, Moloch)) I tried them out and I'll be honest. These are remakes of your very first maps and I was expecting something epic like Moloch_XE remake or Biomechanical_Larva in terms of quality. These feel to be done in a rush. You definitely can do better. Anyway I highly appreciate your work and understand that it takes a lot of time, effort and passion to make something with the heart, but with years we have less of this precious time.
        Are you going to release something tasty in autumn?


          e1vp: These are remakes of your very first maps

          Remastered of the old..... ( see package description).

          e1vp: These feel to be done in a rush

          They look exactly the way I wanted them to look.I did exactly what I wanted.This is done so that I can replace the old maps

          e1vp: These are remakes of your very first maps and I was expecting something epic like Moloch_XE remake or Biomechanical_Larva in terms of quality

          How is this possible? These are not mechanical maps. And most importantly - for what? These are ancient maps, they simply needed to be replaced. I need. And I do not need a remake of these maps.

          I do everything for myself. I do not sit and do not think: what else will surprise anyone? I think: what else do I want? And then I just share the result. If someone likes it - excellent, if not - you can not please everyone. For me, the main thing is that I myself feel that I like it.

          I recently posted a new map in the Russian forum. And many did not like the music. Old school death metal. In addition, poor sound quality. They began to reproach me and even offered to replace the track. Really? There will play what I want. And nothing else. And if someone does not like it, he can open the editor and do something of his own. And I do not need to say what I could do and what atmosphere or music I should put. I do not owe anything to anyone.


            Wow, man... That was an explosion. With huge respect to you: I didn't say that these maps are bad, it was just mentioned that I expected something more to see (collapsed temple with open areas and torture chambers for example), but that's my vision. Unfortunately I can't make maps myself and I'm very short of time to learn the editor and have a very poor PC to work with it.
            MolochX, don't get me wrong, there's nothing negative here. Best regards!
            PS. Could you share the link with a new map on the Russian forum, please?
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              These maps are neither bad nor good. They just annoyed me in the old way, so in the end I threw them away. They had to be replaced in order to leave some kind of memory. But this is not what I am willing to put in my coffin.
              e1vp: torture chambers for example
              ? This is strange. Where does the torture chamber come from? This building with a column in the center. What can be more boring .. Therefore, I do not want to do it. I do not like to make buildings, because I do not see anything interesting in them.
              And the link is no more. I deleted it. Several people managed to download. But I will also change it. The map, of course, remained. I will publish it in the next package. In winter or in spring. And this is again a cross-country vehicle. There's a bad quality of music, because there is not a good record. I was able to find only 192 kpbs. But this is normal for such a rarity.


                Whoa! That upcoming map is going to be a BOMB!!! This is just what I meant by epic quality from you. Looking forward!


                  Moloch, as with any artist, you grow and change. I'm sure that there are many works of art out there that the creator wishes were different somehow, but they are out there and loved by many. When the art is made public, the artist's opinion becomes no more valuable that the viewer from an appreciate point of view. I have enjoyed all of your work, both past and present and will continue to do just that.

                  You revisions will tell the story for you: your changes and modifications will show those who care to look how you have changed over the years and how you have grown as an artist. I look forward to your future works and your revised editions, but I will not - I can not - delete any of your past works and I hope you don't either. Your public works should tell a whole story and illustrate your artistic maturation.

                  I hope you understand what I'm saying my friend. I understand what you're saying and of course, I respect your thoughts.
                  My Unreal game collection. Unreal series screenshots (2560x1440)


                    Carbon, this, of course, is a very flattering review, but I do not think I'm an artist. I'm just doing something, filling the gaps of my time. I have a familiar artist, he draws pretty well. He is engaged in this semi-professional. He told me an interesting thing: the artist always draws the same picture. All life. There is no need to expect something incredible from me. I'm monomaniac.


                      It's true that I try to stay positive and complementary, but in your case specifically, I have to disagree. You be as modest as you wish, but the fact remains that the maps you create are indeed art, making you an artist. Many people do artistic, creative activities in their spare time: we might call them 'hobby' artists, if not done professionally. The attention to detail and design you put into your work is extraordinary Moloch and the results are also outstanding. It's true you have a style of your own that is a constant in your work, but this only lends more credibility to my statement than it does to your humility. Every great artist had a style that was easily and instantly recognizable.

                      Anyway, your revisions are very welcome and will add another dimension to your already wide and deep portfolio.
                      My Unreal game collection. Unreal series screenshots (2560x1440)


                        Walkthrough of these maps: