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Help With Character Meshes Distorting Upon Import

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    Help With Character Meshes Distorting Upon Import

    I've been trying to new character models to UT3, but I'm running into a problem. It looks fine when it's loaded in the generic browser, and I can change the coordinates to be in line with model requirements (Z location, Yaw, etc.), but if I set it to the basic skeleton or try to test it in game, it distorts and looks absolutely horrendous, if not outright invisible from certain angles.
    I use Blender, and I've tried for a few weeks to find a fix, but I'm not finding anything that helps me. It could just be something obvious my own stupidity overlooks, but if anyone can help, I'd be very grateful. If more details are needed, I can try to provide them to the best of my knowledge, which is admittedly not much in this case.
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    You can show images or video of what is failing? . To see what the problem is
    In ut3 the addon. It is not an exact copy to ut3 base. If the master skeleton is identified in the UC script (custom char script) and this declares the bones that were modified, mutated or new.


      The distortion isn't terrible, after toying with it a bit, but some is still there, and the biggest problem is it moves out of place. Where this mesh should be face-level, it moves beneath where the boots would be when it is attached to animations. The first screenshot is what it looks like when it's imported with no attachments, the second when it distorts and moves.
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        I do not understand what model it is. a lens wants to use transparent materials. Or the model came out with an inverted face.
        Another thing to keep in mind is that the parties do not affect the model itself. According to the base script of ut3. Only the head will be the one that coordinates the pivot.
        and mixed materials. they will be slaves of the Head material. And not from the Body part.

        If we use a one part model. the others would have to be invisible or good. of micro polygons

        But I have my doubt. what model do you want to make?

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        examples of mixed materials by UC scrip. I need more details to understand what he wants to create in ut3 and give him a hand.


          The model is a pair of glasses, but a very odd, confusing pair. It probably would have been prudent to give pictures of the model from the beginning, my apologies for not doing so.
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            yes, it is an interesting model but it will not work if you use ut3 base as a reference.

            I explain. Transparent material (lens glass and distortion if required) will use the Head Material assignment. And the body and face (opaque) all in a 4K UV. 4096x4096. The upk head head = lens and the remaining upk will be the rest of the model.

            IF you want to give tail dynamics. I would have to add extra bones to the skeleton and it requires a new Asset " pkysical body".

            All this is declared in the boot script. I'm going to prepare a guide.

            Note: I wonder why UDN did not give examples of this type. After releasing the 3d max and maya plugin.


              I have at least given him a custom skeleton, or at least what I hope is a decent start to one. I planned on giving physics to his scarf, coat, and tail, using other models as a reference. Those bones can be seen, hopefully clearly, in these pictures.
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