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Should UT3 be revived?

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    Should UT3 be revived?

    How many ACTIVE UT3 players are there? Games today suck & don't appeal to me at all. I made so much stuff for UT3 that I either never finished and/or never released. Does UT3 need a revival? I think so. Please vote & post a reason for your answer & what kind of things could be added to make the game more interesting/fun.
    Yes but only with some interesting content.
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    General Poor Behavior II


      welcome again

      For my UT3 it is the best modern sand fps and remember the era of crysis 1. 2007 was a good year.


        Atm. UT3 remains some magical mashup
        for addicted custom content collectors .

        P.S.: UT3 is the snakepit of Epics tower oasis.
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          Interesting content for me is new weapons and new types of game, like bombing run, 4 team domination etc. It is important that these types of game are not too far from the game itself (like Prometheus, which was a bit boring, although the idea was interesting).


            I got an idea for a bombing run game that uses stock warfare & orbs.
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              the problem of ut3. It is your soil. I think ut3 could use some improvements in texture and models. The problem is that the ut3 base is blocked. So I do not know how to force a custom menu. Or replace the upk. You see that something in the c ++ does not recognize it and the same happened to borderlands 1. the only way to run something from 0 to ut3 is making the kimset of 0 in the menu. and rewrite the ut game.ini (utengine.ini). in this way they called more attention. Since in ut2004 they are modifying the "redux" menu and it is more striking.

              I am studying how to improve ut3. I would like the menu to have a visual more in the style of the intro of ut99. But I'm halfway there.

              HEDRumple I thank you for the help of my first compilation of mecha. It would also be interesting to have a fight of wicks instead of tanks.

              Halo mech colab:

              In any case I support your projects


                Hi, I think I am one of the few active players in East Asia.
                Currently there are about 3 active players in Japan.
                We are still playing UT3 once a month even now 2018.

                To be honest, I don't think interesting MODs will revive UT3. No matter how wonderful it is.
                Because many of the players who left UT3 are not interested in MODs.
                They mainly enjoyed with normal weapons and normal maps.

                In order to bring many of them back to UT3, the volume of some interesting contents will need equivalent to evolution from "early UT3" to "UT3 Black Edition".

                But I am not underestimating the value of UT3 MODs. Your work is wonderful and I appreciate it.
                Everyone says UT3 is dead and I agree with that. But that is a story without MODs for me.

                UT3 is always fun for me as long as there are wonderful MODs. It is fun even if it is dead.
                Every time a new MODs or MAPs are announced, I install them on my server and am enjoying UT3 in 2018.
                I am very grateful to the existing UT3 MOD/MAP producers. Thank you. Skaa3z, MolochX, RattleSN4K3, etc...

                If UT3 had no MOD, I would have stopped playing it 10 years ago.
                Sorry about my poor English.


                  It's sad to see the way online gaming has devolved over the years. I'm not even remotely interested in games like fortnite or pub g. There is no depth to the games. No variety. I don't want to play a game that forces me to sit for long periods of time & have to spectate after getting killed & have to wait for the match to be over. I want a game I can make maps & mods for. The community has ALWAYS made better stuff than the original game that gave games like UT longevity, something you don't see anymore. I made stuff for UT (UT2004 & UT3) for over 11 years. We finally shut down our server in 2016 due to our own community moving to other **** games like rocket league. Without enough players, it's hardly worth the effort it takes to keep making content. I tried to get our community to try a warfare instead of VCTF but they only wanted what they wanted until they played it to death & got bored. It got to the point when I wanted to make somewhat drastic changes to the gameplay & weapons to freshen up the game & hold peoples interest but our stubborn players refused change & instead played the same 5 or six maps over & over so much it drove them away from UT completely. Sad. It really affected me for a long time. It was my hobby, my passion & it was just gone in a flash. I know UT3 was cursed right from the start with all the problems that plagued it from day one. For the time the game looked great, but gameplay was meh at best, you only had most of the weapons that UT2004 had, & UT3 had some new interesting vehicles. The vehicles are what I'm interested in. To me, UT without vehicles is just serious sam with better graphics. Linear & boring. Vehicles add an element of variety & possibilities that you don't get in other games. Having the ability to make your own vehicles makes the possibilities endless. I've made aircraft, boats, cars, tanks, hovercraft, mechs, spacecraft, you're only limited by your imagination. What games today offer you that ability? What games give you the ability to do any modification you want, then host a server with those mods? I wish epic had re-released UT3 in the UDK. Most of the stuff from UT3 including most of the code can be used in the UDK so custom content could have been easily converted to the newer engine. It may have given the community the reboot it needed years ago. Instead we have the disaster called UT4 that has nothing to offer me or like minded people.
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                    For me it is also a hobby. I believe that ut3 has much more potential. I do not understand why epic lets his franchises die. Like an unreal 1 remaster or something similar.


                      Tonight is Game Night! Revive UT3 one match at a time. We play every Fri and Sat 12:00 Midnight to 04:00 AM, US East Coast Time, GMT -5 hrs, EPIC Warfare #2 or #3

                      My Gaming Rigs-
                      - Win7 Pro - ASUS Z68, I7 2600K @4.6Ghz, 16Gb ram, GTX980Ti Gaming 6G, ASUS VG248 @144Hz
                      - Fedora Linux - ASUS Z77, I7 2600K @4.6Ghz, 16Gb ram, GTX780Ti WindForce, ASUS VG248 @144Hz, Samsung EVO-850 500Gb
                      - Win7 Home - ASUS Z77, I7 2600K @4.6Ghz, 16Gb ram, GTX780Ti Classified, VG248 @144Hz

                      -------- The Intel core i7 2600K @ 4.6Ghz is still as fast or faster than all that came before or after. ---------
                      Weekly Warfare Matches. We play every Fri and Sat 12:00 Midnight to 04:00 AM, US East Coast Time, GMT -5 hrs, EPIC North America Warfare #2


                        Have you guys seen the Gears Of War 5 trailer?
                        Gonna be this extreme time consuming work.

                        Plus: the pc download game market has died some time
                        ago because of new emulators become donation dependant.

                        Thats at least what the managers think but i say over 100GB
                        games are insane and also of other reasons less appreciated.

                        Maybe us even finally expects some new gaming though
                        abit less collectible finally download-free per streaming.

                        That would indeed be a true benefit
                        from both the franchise and for the players.
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                          I played a match of Warfare last night & it reminded me of how much I dislike vanilla UT3. The stock double jump height doesn't allow you to get over short obstacles. The game could have used some sort of vaulting mechanic that allowed you to pull yourself up over short walls, or just increased the double jump slightly. Anyhoo, I had fun despite that & it was nice to see old players like Dickbird still around.
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                            There is a good example of global MOD for TES IV Oblivion - Nehrim (2010)

                            Small team may be 8-10 people reworked TES IV Game. The result is epic. Considering UT3 2.1 there is difficulty - UT3 is not about a singleplay, and it need a full online rails or MP+++ structure which looks and is played as online game. Plus I think technically UT3 > TES IV and more difficult to implement any things, becouse TES IV-V is about - you can add +1 new feature\additional\asset in game, but UT3 is about one big and full concept "where things\features do not repeat twice".

                            In my understanding. At least, there should be

                            Lead coder
                            Lead 3D model-texture artist (MolochX as an example)
                            Lead animator-cut-scene-builder (cut-scenes which players see entering a new location in online game - with a new story, tasks of the mission, gamemode)
                            Lead sound designer
                            Lead level-designer-level-builder
                            Lead game builder

                            + dev core of people who worked on the UT3 (if possible) but they are just like guides
                            + better forum structure
                            + full pack of all UE3 programs in one place
                            + big excel concept or design document describing the entire development of the UT3.5+++ or something similar

                            Something else (except the work of the server side and .net code) is a doable things for many "anykey" players who know PC\Win-OS well.

                            I wish epic had re-released UT3 in the UDK
                            It would be very good, at least to see how the game looks-like\work in full code. If you have something like that, at least it makes sense to start do something. You know - 1) The working code\full data of the UT3 exists 2) You can change-add something, compile and have a working result. And testing these things also makes sense. Better if people switch their work from make mods to develop game. The second much more difficult and complicated. It would be epic if there was an UT3-like online game in which people can play at any time, just download-install game client by pressing one button without any actions from their side.

                            I think ut3 could use some improvements in texture and models
                            Also movement animations and weapon in hand animations in first person view + fall animations + new explosion effects + many camera filters-effects if needed etc. Armor parts may looks like equipment in inventory from online game - put gloves in slot - got gloves on player model + change player parameters\ be stronger by a few percent etc. There can be a lot of changes if they do not destroy UT3 base gameplay. But I think the main points

                            1) Bring one button - download-install-play scheme into game client
                            2) Make UT3 game menu much more playable, one "big general button" - just to start play "at starting location" + game settings menu
                            3) Add a good game structure to UT3, not MP-server choosing and play somethere beyond the master(?) server
                            4) Improve game technical-elements where possible (especially movements and animations)
                            5) Rework the current or add new features and vehicles\weapons
                            6) Only after that, rework all locations and add new locations
                            7) Build online shooter game with all that

                            I know all that ponts are theory points which are more desires than concrete plan what to do technically. But I think this is a minimal set of points which UT3 needed to be a fully reworked\playable FPS online game. I can not say anything concrete, becouse I dont know, for something concrete you need to know something about game development and especially UE3-UE3.5 engine+coding.


                              I'm considering finishing my Rumpled Metal mod. I got some new ideas for the cars.
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