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What is up with the dimensions/scaling and sizes in the UDK/Unreal Engine 3?

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  • What is up with the dimensions/scaling and sizes in the UDK/Unreal Engine 3?

    So I "blocked in" my very first BSP layout from a top-down sketch today. Found a workflow that works pretty well. All good there. But I found something weird... As I understand it the player size is something along the lines of 128-160uu height, 48-64uu width, and 32uu depth, but I just round it up to the same as the width.

    However when I click on the cube icon in UDKed (2015 last release), if I add a cube that is 64x64 and 32 thickness, then play it in the editor, it becomes quickly obvious that it is FAR too small! If I make a passage or walkway of 128uu, which should feel pretty big for the player, it feels small. I ended up going with 256uu for width. In Unreal Tournament 2004 a 256x256 cube would feel HUGE. In UE3 it feels and looks like a 64x64 cube perhaps.

    Just using default settings, haven't changed anything. Is there some scaling factor at play here I am not aware of? I can't find anything on Google about this - everything is focused on modeling between Max and Blender to Unreal. I just want to know what's up with the sizes in Unreal itself, for the UDK, on default settings. Maybe an obscure scale factor setting somewhere that scales down everything by powers of 2? I will try to add a screenshot, if I can figure out how to view the player in the level.

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    Something like this
    UE2→UE4 UU conversion factor: 2x
    For example, 100 UE2 UU = 200 UE4 UU
    UE1-3: 1UU = 2cm
    UE4: 1UU=1cm
    50 UE2UU = 1m
    100 UE4UU = 1m
    The UE4 UT character is 216UU, whereas in UT2004 it is 176. Not sure about the other games. There is no apparent scale in UT4 besides the dogshit movement.

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