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[Mutator idea] I want to generate Monster WAVEs in all game modes.

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    [Mutator idea] I want to generate Monster WAVEs in all game modes.

    First of all, I like this Mutator.
    Jurassic Rage III

    This Mutator spawns wild dinosaurs on the map.
    Dinosaurs spawn randomly on the map.
    Dinosaurs attack all players regardless of team.

    It is the important point of this Mutator.
    "Dinosaurs are attackers who do not belong to either team."

    I think that the existence of this "third party attacker" is interesting when playing some team game with a small number of people.

    If "monsters of invasion" emerge as third party attackers instead of dinosaurs, I think it is absolutely amusing.
    Monsters have quite a lot of volumes and variations compared to dinosaurs.

    In short, I want to generate "WAVE" in game modes other than Invasion.
    If monsters attack as a third party during the game, it will be fun in chaos.
    I want to play TDM, CTF and WAR while surviving from many spawned monsters.

    Just like ordinary Invasion, it is better if the amount and type of monster are adjustable by each wave in config.


    Also, if some of the options in accordance with each game mode is available, it will deepen the gameplay.


    * Translocator cann't kill monsters. (In CTF)

    * Monsters attack parked vehicles. (In all game modes.)

    * Monsters attack nodes and cores. (In WAR)

    * Monsters can attack unlinked nodes and cores directly. (In WAR)

    * Set limits on the number of player respawn times. (In all game modes.)

    * Monsters don't attack flag carrier or orb carrier or ball carrier. (In CTF/VCTF/WAR/BR.)

    * Allow the monster killing as a score. (In DM/TDM.)

    * Monsters drop the skulls that deserves its strength. (In Greed)

    * If there is a flag carrier on only one team, monsters will not attack all team members of flag carrier. (in CTF/VCTF.)

    * Monsters also spawn from the constructed node. (Like vehicles.)
    "Monsters who spawned from the node" do not attack the team who built the node.
    If the node is destroyed, "all monsters who spawned from the node" will die.
    If the enemy team occupies the node without destroying the node, (When occupied using Orbs,)
    Monsters who spawned from that node belong to the enemy team. (In WAR)

    * Monsters can be domesticated by EMP Mine or Link Generator. (In all game modes.)

    Thank you for reading my imaginary dream!
    Last edited by NakajimaYusuke; 11-08-2018, 11:09 AM.
    Sorry about my poor English.

    It would be really cool indeed.


      Jurassic Rage is pretty epic enough! I feel like a ninja with a berserk quad damage flak cannon kicking the **** out of all dinosaurs and watching them corpses fly around XD Or turning into a Titan and taking revenge of all of them! You can even mix Galtanor's Invasion with this and you get a really frantic game.

      Showing someone normal gameplay ain't anything enough to interest them! Mutators should be the thing worth mentioning first as not many games can be enhanced infinitely =D seriously, it's an overdose of fun, would like more if possible honestly!