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Moloch Pack 7

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    Moloch Pack 7

    Moloch Pack 7

    Maps written by Moloch

    Map list:
    DM - Abyss
    DM - Alien Explorer 2 _ Alpha Orioni
    DM - Alien Explorer 2 _Gates Of Nkai
    DM - Amphibia_Rlyeh
    DM - Liandri_ME (Moloch Edition)
    DM - Odyssey
    DM - Proton
    CTF - Abyss_Dark Universum
    CTF - Amphibia Carcosa
    CTF - Amphibia Kadath
    CTF - Odyssey
    CTF - Proton
    VCTF - Liandri_Z

    Requirement:Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 2.1 Titan pack

    Release: March 2019


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    Thank you Moloch. Incredible work, as always and thank you for not turning away from UT3. Now that the new UT project is cancelled, your work is even more valuable.

    Thanks mate.

    Direct download:
    My Unreal game collection. Unreal series screenshots (2560x1440)


      Carbon, thank you. This has already become something of a work for me.


        The first two packages (ChristCrusher Map Pack & Moloch Pack 2 ) are not worth attention. I will redo them gradually.


          For example: screenshots are made from one point. The first is the old version of the map Christcrusher Precursor. Second - Christcrusher Precursor RE 2019.


            If you'd like me to remove the links for those two packages, I will, but I think they are worth players having!
            My Unreal game collection. Unreal series screenshots (2560x1440)


              Hi m8

              Sharing the news at my blog

              Have a good w-e and THX for the pack !
              Stevie's corner
              My UT4 maps
              Links : UE4 links (guide, tut), UE4 resources, Tools and resources


                Carbon, let it be as it is.
                Stevelois, thanks.


                  Misha, I have no words. This is a really incredible gift.
                  You works inspired me a lot and I think many peole as well.
                  Thanks to you, I discovered tonnes of interesting musicians, painters.
                  You may have changed my mindset a bit, I would say, inspite of the fact that I was fond of science fiction since my childhood.
                  Your works arouse the mania for exploration of the uknown dangerous delusion worlds full of mystery.
                  That's the feeling I got, when a child, first playing Doom and Quake and watching some old space horror movies.
                  It's incredible how your works can still give goosebumbs after so much interesting content around.
                  I still somehow get this childhood memories of discovering something new playing your maps.
                  Thank you for your creative activity very much!

                  PS: The maps I would like to see a remake of, if any possible:

                  Could you tell us the names of the music tracks? I found all of them except:
                  DM-Abyss (I guess it is something from Raison D'Etre but I'm not sure).


                    I decided to separate my post (see the previous message).

                    After a quick test I noticed some flaws, bugs:

                    CTF-Abyss_Dark_Universum and DM-Abyss
                    Perhaps, they are my favourite ones from this pack, just to my taste. Nice remake of Black_Bird_Of_Pnakt
                    These maps have a very high priority bug.
                    One of the lifts is broken. It teleports you instead of lift you up-down.
                    I don't think you meant it. It needs testing. I hope to see a fix of this.
                    I attached the screenshot of the buggy lift.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	CTFAbyss_Dark_Universum_bug_lift.jpg Views:	1 Size:	163.6 KB ID:	404896

                    Despite the minor glitches like falling thru the textures and the opportunity to see thru them.
                    This map has an awesome touch on your very old works VCTF-Necrotank_in_Rlych, CTF-God_Of_Madness.
                    The atmosphere is overwhelming due to the outstanding soundtrack by Raison D'Etre.
                    Please don't take my complaint serious here.
                    The soundtrack on this map cuts off suddenly and that grates on ears.
                    The most epic part of this track "The Hidden Hollows" lasts in about 5 minutes and can be done in a seamless loop.
                    Probably, it has that abrupt ending owing to the fact that you tried to mix it with "Prayer Of Doom" by Yogth Sothoth.
                    It it possible to make this mix smoother?

                    CTF-Odyssey and DM-Odyssey
                    The map name is displayed as Azathoth instead of Odyssey in the scoreboard (F1 in the game).
                    I guess the assets were taken from your previous work Azathoth.
                    Also, the music is a bit louder than the surroundings (that's the first impression).
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                      E1vp, thanks. The Abyss has no error. See the red flame? The elevator works weird. By the way, this is not a teleport. This is just a **** quick lift. So conceived.
                      The Odyssey was assembled at the base of the Azаtoth (specifically - the ceiling ), extended sides and refined along all lines. Guessing with the volume of the music is very difficult. It depends on personal settings and equipment.
                      Ctf - Amphibia_Carcosa/ Could you tell me exactly where the fall occurs through the mesh? I tested it many times, but obviously I didn’t see it anywhere. Maps are very large, they are easy to miss something. Or I accidentally deleted something. About the track. I sewed in different ways, but there is still a little discord. Initially there was a full track Yogth Sothoth. Complicated.
                      Music ... Honestly, I just do not remember where and what I take. DM- Abyss... No Raison D'Etre. I'll look for it later. DM-CHR_TempleOfDemigod_Future - Сyber Baphomet. DM-Amphibia_Rlyeh I don't know for sure. It seems you sent this track.
                      P.s. I'm mostly busy now reworking the first package. I bring it in a decent look. Of the maps you indicated, the Skycircle and possibly Tantra are of interest (But rather Infernus.) . Megalodon, God's hammer is not my maps, just retouching. Not interested anymore. In any case, remaster the first package in priority.


                        I see your point. I though it looked like an error on Abyss because that lift is really felt very strange.
                        As for CTF-Amphibia_Carcosa, these glitches are not that serious and they are present on some of your maps. So, don't pay much attention.
                        It should not be forgotten that we posess a translocator in the CTF gamemode and with a translocator, one can get into the devil's butt.
                        I attached some screenshots, just for your information, to avoid the glitches in future:


                        I know that DM-Megalodon and BR-Hammer_Of_God are based on Epic Games maps.
                        Still, a remake for me is a complete overhaul where only the atmosphere remains.
                        DM-Megalodon remake = CTF-Odyssey + underwater + temple + Cthulhu + dark, filthy ambient music
                        BR-Hammer_Of_God remake = something crazy and brutal with that idea of hanged tortured titans
                        Whatever, I am looking forward to any map you release. Let your imagination blast our minds.

                        Still waiting for you response about the music tracks on DM-Abyss and DM-Amphibia_Rlyeh (I don't recall this track).


                          On the Abyss, I specifically marked the elevator with a red flame. I thought it was funny. This can not be done by chance.
                          I thought that the collision in the temple. The translocator is difficult to count and does not make sense. Bots do not go where there are no paths. They cannot jump over walls at will. I am very sorry about this. I would like the bots to surprise me, maybe even talk, but this is not, alas. I hope that someday in games it will be. This is what developers should think about. Comprehensive unfettered AI.
                          I try to blocking everywhere, but apparently I missed something.
                          With music is difficult. Apparently I deleted the original track
                          ps The texture is leather. She has no flesh, no hardness. Type of paint on canvas. You fall through an object (static mesh).



                            ...the metaphysical larva has become a god.