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Unreal Tournament 3 and Unreal Chmapionship 2 now are backward compatible

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    Unreal Tournament 3 and Unreal Chmapionship 2 now are backward compatible

    ATTENTION!!! On June 11, 2019 UT3 and UC2 were made backward compatibilite for Xbox one, and Xbox 360 with multiplayer game support, so for those who have been missing the good ole days of the dragging on UT3 with some pro players it is now available, simply go to the Xbox game store and buy these games for only 9.99 each. And as long as a someone is hosting a game you can join, or you host one yourself. They have also been updated to fit 4K graphics for the Xbox one. Pretty soon we’re gonna have some old school UT3 pros getting back to that old high school ****, and this will most definitely be going on for many years. So let us revive the game we all know was best game we played. Looking forward to seeing Trainwreck, XWarxX, U-GOT-GLOCKED, Mikey Brennen, Envy, o0Fate0o, Fatality, Phantasy, KingEternal, Ewu Destruction, SuperMarioBrothers813, Chris C, Ak47 Clan, Legend Clan, Ewu clan, MOUSE-IS-4-PC, RockLeePenguin, Sephiroth, Jaboooski, Arkos(AR Arkos Chris C C Bizzy we need some good vctf and warfare modes, where you all at? Let’s get some games goin.), Anubis, DeeeeeeeeezNuts, come play all you alternates and lovers of UT3 and Unreal Championship 2.

    noticed how this came out after UDK Ultimate and my PS3 Online fix

    - Notice How no1 from Epic officially does anything. Also up yours microsoft

    p.s. you spelt Championship wrong. and don't forget you can also install mods/ maps etc on XBox for UT3
    p.p.s Why hide your name ? then post Users names (selectively/ not inclusively) LOL -- pwned u guys on PS3 btw. Crazy how far UT3 went lol

    (Edit: i really hope this happened before my PS3 patch and it is just coincidence that you only just posted it,coz i'd be p'd off if they took my work.)
    Last edited by TKBS; 07-14-2019, 04:57 PM. Reason: edit: This happened months ago right? MS didn;t just take my PS3 patch and use it for XBox did they? flol!
    Internet BlackOut in <2 weeks,last chance to request 4 years of Unreal Development(something from every Unreal Engine 50+ maps, chars, weapons, mods, mutators and more).




      Dont know if this is right area to post this ,but here goes.
      Today I went to play ut3.
      got on using the favorites tab.Was on for a few minutes then get duplicate login message which i have never seen before,then it says connection has been lost.
      I repeat this procedure a few more times.
      Why would this happen,or whats the cause?
      Have been playing regularly for a good while now,never any problems like this.