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(request) Looking for mutator: "UT3 Fixes (Beta)"

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    Bumpity bump. Late but still....


    UT3 Fixes (Beta, Build 6)
    Created by Bubble_Damage / Spiljgar
    06 July 2013


    ================ CREDIT ================

    This mutator was created entirely by Bubble_Damage / Spiljar. Many thanks go to Xyx for the source code for his Camera Control mutator. His code showed me how to make changes to vehicles in the game; without it, many of these fixes would not have been possible. Thanks also go to Taffy for much appreciated help with online testing, and RattleSN4K3 for assistance with coding.

    This mutator may be used on any server or in any game with no credit to me. I will also happily provide its source code to those who request it (contact me at MAIL_REMOVED_CHECK_README if you are interested in seeing it). If you use this mutator's code, I ask that you please give me credit (like I have done for Xyx).

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  • started a topic (request) Looking for mutator: "UT3 Fixes (Beta)"

    (request) Looking for mutator: "UT3 Fixes (Beta)"

    Do anyone around have a copy of this mutator?

    looking for the one in here: ... ix-mutator

    been unable to find a link to the file anywhere else

    any help is appreciated