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Adding a voice pack to an old mod.

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    Adding a voice pack to an old mod.

    So this is a long shot, but I'm about out of ideas.

    I've got a WH40K Astartes/Chaos Marine voice pack for version 1.1 of the old Space Marine character pack. This version of the mod didn't yet have support for first-person arms.

    I've also got the v2.0 copy of the Space Marine mod, which included support for first-person arms, but never got a voice pack.

    Sometime back in 2010 I managed to mash these together such that the first-person arms, the voices, and the updated models were all working together, but for the life of me I can't remember what I did and the internet has largely been scrubbed of all info regarding modding this engine. If I adjust the family to the one used in the voice pack, it works, but the first-person arms revert to being Ironguard.

    If anyone could be of any assisstance, I would be forever in your debt.

    Keeping this here for posterity:

    If anyone else is interested in the WH40K Astartes/Chaos Marine v2.0 models with the voice pack from the 1.0 models, I actually found a live link to the version I'd made 10 years ago. Link below.