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UT3 Online is broken and Unplayable on 11/28/2019

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    UT3 Online is broken and Unplayable on 11/28/2019

    Good evening, and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrated it today!

    I haven't been active in UT3 in years, but I continued to support it past it's life cycle and even when UT4 was released. I also run two servers, one in Chicago and another in Dallas for all gametypes under competitive settings. We gather several times a year to casually play. I recently opened the game to do bi-monthly maintenance on the servers and see everything was running okay, but noticed that none of the servers are showing in the serverlist. It seems that on the Steam forums, and this forum too this is happening. This deems UT3 unplayable with online play. I still feel like if the game is being sold on steam at full price (20 dollars if I recall) then the game should still have minimal support to where the devs should maintain it.

    There is also a reoccurring problem with duplicate logins. I'm not sure what is causing this. I am hereby speaking on behalf of UT3, despite being past it's life cycle, to have Epic Games look into this problem. There are still a few active communities in the game, especially the weekly gatherings at the North American warfare server. People still play this.

    Please don't hesitate to get a hold of me on Discord. The unofficial UT3 Discord can be found at
    Steam #galaxy #unrealtournament #ut4pugs
    UT Username - nvz
    gg! Galaxy Gaming Community

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    I play this game almost every day for at least two hours. My Steam counter displays roughly 13'000 hours. Since a year I play without Steam, also the two first years of gaming, so you could add some more thousands of hours. I bought about 10 gamekeys for UT3, so much about my support. It would be nice to get some support back. November 2017 the first few persisting master-/login server problems occured and is now sinc over a week UT3 became unplayable.

    The empty&inaccurate server list problem occured before in November 2017. It persisted some weeks and disappeared then. See my thread in this forum.
    The delayed settings/configuration loading problem persisted till one or two weeks ago. See my thread in this forum.
    Now exactly two years later me and other players getKICKED EVERY TWO MINUTES WITH A "DUPLICATE LOGIN DETECTED" MESSAGE.

    Not even login to this forums works properly.
    I can't login here, instead I need to login on a different epic site first and to come back to this forum after that.
    Once the Unreal franchise was EPICs best horse in the stable, now they completely abondonded it, without even the very possibility to report to someone responsible or to get support for money, and let Unreal Tournament 4 degenerate to a kind of unprofitable "social project", instead that they made it a high priced and highly supported high end game.
    This all makes so much the impression that the whole UT3 game, from Master/Login-Server(s) to this very forum, is totally unattended, and uncared for, by all Epic staff.
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      Going to throw my hat in this thread as well. I have the same issue. Please solve this!!!


        I just found a nice post of Flak, though it was in Steam forum, and not here:

        She nicely says:

        If you're having issues with the game and can't find help on the forums, feel free to email

        Thank you!

        Stacey Conley
        Community Coordinator
        Epic Games