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The Liandri Archives - Greatest Database of the Unreal Games and Unreal Tournaments

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    The Liandri Archives - Greatest Database of the Unreal Games and Unreal Tournaments

    The greatest database of all Unreal games and Unreal Tournaments, where you can look up technical stuff like "vehicle damage amplifier", "node damage amplifier", "vehicle speed" etc.

    Examples for UT3:

    - There you will learn while the enforcer (20 Damage Points) is even weaker against vehicles Scorpion, Goliath or titans (a titan is in ut3 considered as a vehicle):
    The Enforcer has a vehicle damage amplifier = 0.3.
    Which wants to say: Damage done to a vehicle = 20 DP x 0.3 = 6 DP.

    - Or the Sniper Rifle (Damage 70) has a vehicle damage amplifier = 0.4.
    Damage done to a vehicle = 70 DP x 0.4 = 28 DP.

    If you want to improve your game, or learn about the development and progress of the weapons throughout the Unreals and Unreal Tournaments, this is the site to go:

    The Liandri Archives

    But at moment it says:
    Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.

    Does anybody know something about it? Will it be soon up again?
    Maybe you know a name or contact URL / contact mail?

    Greetings Doc
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    No idea why you chose to pigeonhole this in the UT3 forums. It it probably the least connected part of the Unreal Forums (to the LiandriArchive.)
    Try asking in other forums. UT99 and 2k4 have more active users.

    As for the website. I am guessing that ever since the XSS attack and various other attacks on Epic this year, alot of userdata still remains in the wild. It is relatively easy to connect a fortnite user to the liandri archives or any other section of the UT forums and these numbers are limited. These users most likely use the same info.
    Either the website is undergoing maintenance, or it has received a cyber attack.

    These forums are currently plastered with 1 time-1 post sign up users complaining about password issues - maybe somethign is going on?.

    People should know by now Epic do not declare issues in a timely manor and the liandri archives has absolutely nothing to do with UT or Epic Games and never did, so posting here is a long shot.

    p.s. the only reason i am replying is because no-one will reply to you unless they see my name posted and decide to counter-part it, add additional info, or flat out argue for no reason.

    I recommend you jump on the waybackmachine/ internet archive (google), type the HTTP you have provided and check for a lost string of down time (jan-march, or sept-now) from the available snapshots. I probably shouldn't say this, but you can grab an entire website using apps online, but it sends a huge amount of requests. DL the website and upload it to the Internet Archive if you care about it so much.

    I did that for UDK many years ago.
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    Internet BlackOut in <2 weeks,last chance to request 4 years of Unreal Development(something from every Unreal Engine 50+ maps, chars, weapons, mods, mutators and more).


      I made a read-only mirror backup available here: