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UT3 Converter 2 - 0.25c - 22/01/2011 - [Discontinued]

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    [TUTORIAL] UT3 Converter 2 - 0.25c - 22/01/2011 - [Discontinued]

    Name UT3 Converter
    Version 0.25c
    Author Me (XtremeXp/WinterIsComing)
    Status Discontinued
    Description Helps convertings any map from previous unreal / unreal tournament games to UT3
    Download UT3-Converter-0.25c
    • Windows 7 / Vista / 8 / 10 - 64 bits
    • Java 8 SE
    • Unreal (Tournament) previous game with latest patch
    • Latest patch from for Unreal 1 maps conversion
    History 0.25c (22/01/2011): latest release,
    • Added message if not unreal game install paths not found in settings
    • Some fixes (i don't remember them).

    As the old ut forum ( ) seems to have been definitively shutdown including my very old (10 years ago ! ) thread ( ),
    i open this new thread so people may comment about conversion stuff here.

    [EDIT]: it seems the old forums are back now ...

    Note that the program is no longer being actively developed at all.
    You may switch to UT4 and use the newer converter "UT4X-Converter" which you can find here: UT4X Converter topic

    I may just update it to newer java version (java 6 -> java 8) and update the referenced old ut forum thread link to this newer one within the program.
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